Q&A for you to learn more

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How easy are they to install?
    Very simple and it does not require any tools whatsoever.  We provide easy to understand step by step instructions. 

  2. Do they work with side art, pinblades or mirror blades?
    Yes, we have tested on all of these.

  3. Are Pin Stadium Lights compatible with any pinball machine?
    The lights are designed to fit all standard size and widebody pinball machines. We have tested them on the following brands: Bally/Williams, Chicago Gaming, Spooky Pinball, and Stern. 

  4. How does the flasher integration connect?
    The kit allows you to easily connect the Pin Stadium flashers to any 6v/12v bulb or switch with alligator clips (doesn't matter which way either).  Very simple and requires no soldering! 

  5. Are they removable if I sell my game and want to keep them for a new machine?
    Yes, they can be removed and installed on another machine.

  6. How do I get power to the lights?
    We provide a direct plug and play power adapter for our Pin Stadium control unit for you to simply plug into your machine for a factory finished look.  

  7. What is included with the Pin Stadium kit?
    The kit has everything you need to install, no tools required!

    Each kit includes:

    2x Cable clamps
    Alcohol wipes
    Pair of Pin Stadium lights ready to install
    1x Pin Stadium control unit
    Install instructions
    Free IOS and Android app for download 

  8. Where do I get support for the Pin Stadium app?
    Simply visit our App FAQ's page