Neo Concert Editions
Jersey Jack Pinball Guns N’ Roses Installation
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Estimated install time is 20-25 minutes

If you have received your Neo Concert Edition kit for your Guns N’ Roses and are looking for additional install help.  Please send an email here or go to the Contact Us section.  We will be happy to help you right away with this!  Buffalo Pinball did a live install of Neo Concert Edition Ultra+ ABOVE  Use this as a reference IN ADDITION to the information below:

Please note that we are not responsible for any damages done to your pinball machine. Install at your own risk! We suggest that if you are not familiar with working on your pinball machine that you take your time or have someone help you. Always consult your manual for detailed information or have a knowledgeable buddy/technician to help you.

Step 1

The first thing to do is to sit out all of your shipment contents and locate the harnesses and modules(2x black heat shrink boards).  Plug the “Y” splitter into your service port located just inside the coin door to the right and then connect the power supplies to the splitter.

(For European machines that do not have service ports: Simply plug the power cable into your wall outlet using a Euro/US adapter.  Then run the power up into the pinball machine through one of the screens located on the underneath of the pinball machine.  Then loosen one of the staples holding the screen in and  sneak it through the opening)

Once you have plugged in the power:

There is a “Large” and a “Small”.  Plug the “Small” power supply into the power end into into the #2 black heat shrink UV+Glow PCB which will have the 2 black ribbon cables coming out of it.  Then plug the larger power end into the other #1 LumiSync black PCB which will have be the one you also plug the multi-colored ribbon cable into.  Don’t worry you can’t plus the wrong one into the other, as the boards are designed to only accept the proper matching power supply.  If you feel like you are forcing it, then it is for sure the wrong one and just plug it into the other.  See the 2 diagrams below:

Note:  These steps mentioned below require you to simply unplug the cable going into the factory board, then it into the appropriate Neo Concert Edition splitters

  1. Connect the “Y” splitter (the one connected to a Red,Green,Blue,White/Black cable) to the “LEFT LANE SPINNER”.
  2. Connect the remaining “Y” splitter (connected a 2 wire black ribbon cable) to the “CENTER LANE SPINNER”
  3. Connect the two smaller splitters (connected to a 3 wire red,green,white cable) to the  “Left” and “Right” “SIDE LIGHTING” factory side lighting connects. Make sure you match of the sides correctly with the Neos so that you don’t reverse the factory light show patterns on the sides 😉Note:  Be sure to do some wire management and route the wires you just installed so that they are free from interference of any moving mechs or electronics.

Step 2


Install your Xeno Mounts if you ordered those with your  Neo Concert Editions for Guns N’ Roses (install the Xenos but DO NOT attach light bars yet).  If you did not order them, then you can skip this section and just use the regular Magna-Mounts installation.  Buffalo Pinball did a live install of Neo Concert Edition Ultra+ ABOVE  Use this as a reference IN ADDITION to the information below:Here are the directions for your Xeno Mounts:

Install Xeno Mounts in order of number #1,2,3,4:

#1 Xeno: Remove the factory bubble leveler located on the bottom right side of the playfield.  This is done by removing the 2 screws holding it in place and then replace it with the #1 Xeno Mount.  The with a very small flathead screwdriver, pop out the factory bubbler and then pressure fit it into the Xeno Mount.  Important: Make note of the bubble orientation and marks BEFORE you remove it from the factory one so that you know which way to insert it into the #1 Xeno Mount:

#2 Xeno:  Now on the opposite side of the playfield (left), remove the factory screw holding the metal rail on the apron.  Insert the #2 Xeno as shown in the example below.   Replace the screw through the hole of the Xeno Mount and make sure the factory apron wire form is back into place.  It’s important to hold it (wire form) in place and do not force anything or you will break the Xeno Mount.  Tighten it firm but not too firm as it will break/warp the mount for sure.  Just make sure it’s nice and snug, easy does it.

**Note: If you have a Collector’s Edition(CE) you will have a different style mount that will simply adhere to the side of the Coma Lock as show below:

#3: Xeno:  Now locate this Xeno Mount and place it one the left edge of backboard located at the rear of the playfield as shown in the pic below(minus the light bar of course).  Make sure it is flush with the very top of the backboard and on the side of the backboard.

Next:  Fit the light bar into this mount BEFORE you install the 2 small screws (located in the small silver accessory packet) on the back of the mount like the example below as you can adjust the height of this mount (raise/lower it on the backboard wall) so that you the mount will clear the glass when it slides in.  You can do a few test glass slide ins to see where you will need to finalize height of the mount.  If done 100% correct as mentioned below, then it’s possible to mount it at the very top like the pic above.  However this is a tip to help you with this should you need to change the clearance. 

a. Next insert the zip ties “exactly” as shown HERE:
If you do not do this part correctly then your glass WILL NOT CLEAR the Xeno mounts or it will push the mount crooked because it’s touching the inner cabinet.  So just be sure to pay “extra” special attention to the positioning.  Triple check this and TAKE YOUR TIME with the Xeno Mount install as once you get these installed you will NEVER have to worry about removing the lights or doing anything with them when you need to raise/lower the playfield.  This kit will become “one” with the factory design.  Amazing!!  😉

b.  Slide the end of the light bar into into the Xeno mount exactly like this HERE
It will be a very snug fit for a reason.  Next snug up the zip ties so that the lightbar is parallel(pointing straight up and down) with the cabinet wall(this is very important as you want it super straight).  Then route the black ribbon cable along the length of the Xeno Mount and adhere one of the black cable clamps(located in the silver accessory packet) onto the rear side of the backboard. Route the cable over the backboard into the bottom of the cabinet out of the way of any moving objects.  You can now install the 2 screws on the back of the mount.  Make sure they are snug but don’t over over-tighten it or you will crack the mount.

Next locate the accessory packet and inside of it are small adhesive ribbon cable clamps included to use to attach to the back of the playfield to help guide the ribbon cables. They are to be attached to the furthest upper left corner(see pic for exact location) of the backside of the playfield backboard.  It must be mount a couple inches from that corner in order to clear lower playfield slide track on the JJP machine.  This is vital as it will act as a guide to keep the cables clear of pinching and allow as a memory for your cable length to help keep the cable tucked away and hidden.

Tip: Bend the ribbon cable in half (as shown below) so that it slides easier in the cable clamp. This allow for easier adjustment for slack and helps when you go to tuck it out of sight once the playfield is down. You will eventually find a sweet spot that works with each machine. The ribbon cable is designed to be bendable so that you can further tuck it up and out of the way for a nice stealth look.

Step 3

This is next part is if you ARE USING the Magna-Mounts(not required if you are using the Xeno Mounts):

Like any other Pin Stadium product where you will be mounting the Magna-Mounts on the light bars to the inner cabinet wall on both sides.  Feel free to watch this part of the video if you have never installed Magna-Mounts before.  Carefully peel off the white protective backing for the Magna-Mount system, paying attention to align the lights 1/16th inch below the channel and far enough back to hide the ribbon cable and to clear the backbox hinge.

Note:  DO NOT separate either of the sides the Magna-Mounts from the back of the light bar as it needs to be installed together as the magnetic polarity is set for proper mounting.  This is very important!

Press firmly all along the entire length of the light channel with your fingers to create maximum bonding. Repeat for the opposite side of the cabinet.  Take your time here as this is a vital part of the install to insure proper mounting.

EMAIL US for help please and you will get an instant response.  Always happy to help!!

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