Attack From Mars (Remake – LE) Pinball Mods

Chicago Gaming Co., 2017 Pinball Mods

Manufactured By: Chicago Gaming Company

Date: March 2017

Attack From Mars (Remake - LE) Pinball Mods

The Attack From Mars pinball was originally designed by Williams in 1995. It has now been remade with modern electronics and engineering for today’s market!

The latest iteration has been designed with modern engineering to improve reliability, offer customization, and simplify serviceability. Designed and developed to exceed the high standards of the original game, the Attack From Mars pinball remake has been loved by all Pinball enthusiasts.

Available in three models: the Classic Edition, the Special Edition, and the Limited Edition, the machines feature numerous add ons and capabilities never before available on the previous machines.

The Attack from Mars Remake also includes:

  • Large martian saucer with tri-color LED lights – metallic
  • Multi-color backbox speakers
  • An extra-large display with nearly 2x the viewing area
  • Shake Motor
  • Stainless Trim
  • Mini Martian Saucers – metallic
  • Enhanced sound system
  • HD full-color display

If you are looking to upgrade this latest game, installing Pin Stadium’s patent-pending Pinball LED kits will brighten the entire playfield and provide a more dramatic effect as you play, resulting in a more genuinely immersive gaming experience. The lights integrate seamlessly into the machine to give it an amazing pop that you will not be able to unsee.

Pin Stadium’s pinball mods allow you to control and adjust the lighting on your Attack From Mars pinball remake via an app, which is available for Android and iOS devices. So, if you ever consider upgrading your latest buy, exploring our range of products, such as NEO Fusion and NEO Pin Stadium.