Double Action Pinball Mods

Genco, 1951 Pinball Mods

Manufactured By: Genco Manufacturing Co.

Date: November 1951

Double Action Pinball Mods

Genco’s 1951 Double Action is an electro-mechanical, woodrail, pinball machine which has flippers and an extra flipperless playfield in the backbox with its own set of balls. It has a playfield with 2 flippers, 4 bumpers, 3 kickout holes, and a special vertical playfield (Bagatelle) with pins, lanes, and its own balls behind the back glass. This is a very early flipper pinball game where the flippers are inverted (they are at the lower center of the playfield, have a small gap in between, and pivot outwards. The score is indicated by three rows of lights for each digit in the back glass (top row 1-5 million, 2nd row 100-900 thousand, 3rd row 10-90 thousand).

The goal of play is to advance balls up inside the backbox until they fall resulting in extra points and extra backbox ball advances. Each ball that goes over the top in the backbox counts as a Double Action Ball and is registered on the playfield as a light which starts at 1 and ends at 15. All double action kicker holes and double action lanes (when lit or in the backbox) sends a ball over the top. Otherwise all counters slowly advance the balls in the backbox. The 7th “Double Action Ball” lights the left rollover lane for special. The 12th “Double Action Ball” lights the right rollover lane for special. The 15th “Double Action Ball” lights special multipliers in the back glass (lights labeled 5, 10, 15, and 20)