Elektra Pinball Mods

Bally, 1981 Pinball Mods

Manufactured By: Bally Manufacturing Co.

Date: December 1981

Elektra is a pinball machine released December 1981, manufactured by Bally Manufacturing Co.

Elektra has three levels of playfields. Each of the playfields has two flippers. The top or upper playfield (1) is accessed by the ball shooter and four metal ramps from the main level. The main or second level playfield (2) is completely covered with a thick piece of plexiglass which forms the window to view the lower playfield. The lower or mini playfield (3) can be accessed after a ball drain if enough Elektra units have been collected. Elektra contains four balls. Two are used on the main and upper playfields. They alternate during normal play, both are activated during multiball. A third ball is kept captive at the top of the upper playfield to knock down in-line bonus multiplier targets. The fourth ball is dedicated to the lower playfield.

There are two main objectives when playing Elektra (besides racking up bonus points and multipliers). One, achieve multiball and two, gain Elektra Units for time in the lower playfield. Mulitball is challenging and usually does not last long. The lower playfield becomes active after the ball(s) drain and there is enough Elektra Units earned. Elektra Units earned are shown in a separate 2-digit display in the bottom center of the backglass.

Mulitplayer games are interesting as the mulitball locked ball remains locked during a player change and the next player can release it with the short unlock sequence.

The game has a large number of lights due to the addition of the lower playfield. The lights on the upper and main playfield turn off when the lower playfield is in use. The game also has a small voice vocabulary. The voice is used to signify multiball lock availability, extra balls, game start/end, and attract mode.