Flash Pinball Mods

Williams, 1979 Pinball Mods

Manufactured By: Williams Electronic Games, Inc.

Date: February 1979

Presentation in February 1979
1st Machine designed by Steve Ritchie for Williams.
1st Machine featuring a dynamic Background-Sound.
1st Machine using FLASH-Lights, which got their Name therefore.
1st Machine with newly designed and much faster Flipper-Lanes.
1st Machine since Decades with a black Cabinet, which became soon standard.

With 19,505 Units built it’s the most succesful Machine under the Williams-Sign and the 3rd most succesful Flipper-Game of all Time.
There were at least 4 more or less licensed versions around the globe – Zeus, Super-Zeus, Storm and Shock with identical artwork and the same playfield-design, sometimes missing some features. It’s quite possible that if these versions would be added in the production-run FLASH could be the most-produced machine ever topping Addams Family’s 21,270 units.