Freedom EM 2nd Version

Bally, 1976

Manufactured By: Bally Manufacturing Co.

Date: July 1976

After the FREEDOM-test-samples didn’t do very well Bally decided to change the lower playfield-design with the middle-thumper-bumper, a typical Norman-Clark-design, to a ‘standard-design’ which has been called ‘the italian bottom’

Production-run of 5,080 units includes both EM-versions.
Ca 100 to 180 were test-samples with the unusual early design.

Serial-production started in July of 1976.

It’s still widely believed that only the early units with the middle-bumper featured ‘1776 1976’ on the Backglass – this is definitely not true.
There must have been at least 2 production-runs for the serial (2nd) Version and only the last one of those runs had an altered Backglass without ‘1776 1976’ because distributors and operators feared the machine would look dated by now.