Hot Shot Pinball Mods

Gottlieb, 1973 Pinball Mods

Manufactured By: D. Gottlieb & Co.

Date: September 1973

Hot Shot Pinball Mods

Gottlieb’s 4-Player Hot Shot (1973)

Description: Gottlieb’s Hot Shot pinball is a billiards themed pinball table. The table design is essentially similar to Gottlieb’s Big Shot, and Pro Pool. The primary difference between the three tables being the number of players (4 player, 2 player, 1 player respectively).

Features Include:
– Double and triple bonus value scored on last two balls.
– 2 groups of 7 drop targets score all the stripes and solid balls.
– The eight ball is scored in the top center rollover or center kick-out hole.
– Scoring balls 1 through 8 or 8 through 15 light two “Bulls-Eye” targets alternately for a special.
– Center rollover also open “Ball Saver Gate”.