KISS Pinball Mods

Stern, 2015 Pinball Mods

Manufactured By: Stern Pinball, Inc.

Date: May 2015

KISS is a pinball machine manufactured by Stern Pinball, Inc. in May 2015.

There is something about hard rock music and pinball that go hand in hand. Both cause an adrenaline rush that keeps everyone on their feet. Stern Pinball’s KISS pinball machines reflect the energy, excitement, and experience of a live KISS concert. As players begin the game, they are welcomed with a shortened version of “Rock and Roll All Nite,” the famous KISS song. The game features10 renowned KISS hits in the concert arena playfield. Players are awarded backstage VIP access, in-game front row seats, fun multi-ball modes, and more as they progress in the game. Higher scores amplify the gaming experience–the higher the scores, the bigger and louder the show–giving an experience like a KISS concert experience like none other.

The game includes an exciting array of modern and retro features that appeal to players of all skill levels. Full-color high-intensity animated LED music lights, blood-spitting demon bass solo player experience, custom speech from Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, high-fidelity stereo sound effects, and music – all add to the overall heart-pumping experience.

Fans can now upgrade KISS Pinball game with KISS pinball mods such as Neo Fusion, a multi-colored/RGB (Hyperbeam Plus+ technology), and full-spectrum white GI lighting kit Wi-Fi controllable Orion’s Belt flasher system and BLUR color Photon Merger diffuser. The KISS pinball mods will transform your game into an extraordinary and exhilarating experience.