Laser Cue Pinball Mods

Williams, 1984 Pinball Mods

Manufactured By: Williams Electronic Games, Inc.

Date: February 1984

Williams Laser Cue is a four flipper game in 1984, and features an unusual “billiards in space”, science-fiction theme. The game is similar in layout to designer Ed Tomaszewski’s release four years earlier, Alien Poker. Despite Laser Cue being released years after speech had been perfected by Williams Electronics for their games, it features no speech chip. Instead, the game is equipped with a bell that rings when billiard balls are collected or extra balls achieved. The main bank of drop targets are individually controlled, and must be collected in the indicated order to remain dropped. Extra ball play guarantees the player twenty-five seconds of play time, serving all lost balls within that time back to the shooter lane.