Lightning Pinball Mods

Stern Electronics, 1981 Pinball Mods

Manufactured By: Stern Electronics, Inc.

Date: March 1981

A fast double level game with a fantasy Norse god theme. It’s got 3-ball multiball, speech and a timed bonus ball mode that you earn once you’ve reached a certain (adjustable) score.

Extra ball is lit by shooting the drop target banks in sequence. The extra ball shot then moves between the 3 drop target banks by the hit of one of the four slingshots until you collect it.

Your end of ball bonus is shown on an extra display in the playfield. It carries over between balls. It can be maxed at 99k and multiplied to a maximum of 5x. Bonus x also carries over ball to ball, unless you reach 5x. Then it resets to 1x on the next ball.

Multiball enables the horseshoe for playfield multipliers to a maximum of 4x. This feature stays lit for the rest of the ball, even in one ball-play, until the maximum has been reached. Balls can be re-captured during multiball play, resulting in single ball play (without draining one of them).

The spinner is lit for 1000 points via the horseshoe. It is lit for only one shot then goes back to 100 points. This means you can have 4x playfield and spinner lit for 4000/spin!

Game Design by Joe Joos Junior – Artwork by W.Schmidt.