Miss World

Geiger, 1982

Manufactured By: Geiger-Automatenbau GMBH

Date: December 1982

Miss World is a Conversion-Kit by Geiger-Automatenbau from Germany based on Bally “Kiss” and was released in 1982. You could get a complete Machine (Komplett-Flipper) with the Parts set in a Bally-Cabinet or purchase the Components and convert it by yourself.
When you ordered a ‘Komplett-Flipper’ which means a complete Machine you could choose if you wanted the old Cabinet-Artwork to stay or to be hidden under a not Game-specific general Geiger-Design.
Mr Geiger has stated that 150 Kits were sold and that most Operators just kept the old Cabinet-Artwork.
Artwork by Michele ‘Mike’ Martinelli from 1981.