Star Trek: The Mirror Universe Pinball Mods, 2014 Pinball Mods

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Date: March 2014

Star Trek: The Mirror Universe Pinball Mods

Re-theme of a 1978 Bally Star Trek pinball machine based on the TOS episode “<a hef=”,_Mirror_(Star_Trek:_The_Original_Series)”>Mirror, Mirror</a>” in which Kirk’s Away team has a transporter accident and is re-materialized in an Parallel Universe where the Terran Empire rules the much of the galaxy with an iron fist. The Pinball table was CNCed from Birch Plywood and features custom artwork in the sprit of this Classic episode. Table required custom wood CNC inserts; laser cut plastic inserts, and several Playfield toys including a CNCed sword for the shooter lane. Much of the CNC work was done at Physical rollover switches were designed out of the Playfield design replaced with magnetic eddy sensors to sense the ball. An ATX powersupply was used in place of the Bally Transformer. All voltages except the 50V solenoid voltage is supplied from the ATX power supply. Custom Art packages were created in Photoshop by the owner and features Custom Table Art, a custom backglass, and custom plastics for the table.

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This Machine was made possible under fair use of copyright law. Because Star Trek is copy-written by Paramount, the Art package cannot be made available for reproduction so please don’t ask for it.