Super Spin

Gottlieb, 1977

Manufactured By: D. Gottlieb & Co.

Date: September 1977

Production in 1977- “futuristic” art with comic like characters riding “jet bikes” around a spiraling “galaxy” with nice vibrant colors principally Blue, Red, Orange, Green. Machine has standard two 3-inch flippers, a roto-target, a vari-target (hit forces lever back into housing the stronger the hit the more bonus achieved), 2 pop bumpers, a left lane bonus (difficult shot), the standard rail type rubber bumpers distributed throughout play field and one additional “bulls-eye” target for bonus/extra ball that lights with correct shot sequence. Has roll overs in side chute (ball drain) that award bonus and roll overs at top of the playfield that award accumulated bonus during play (no direct shot, difficult). Has standard tilt, door and playfield JAM detection and ability to be programmed to match for a new game or add-a-ball with variable settings for # balls possible or match frequency. This is one of the last EM games ever produced and thus can be taken to represent the pinnacle of EM design- the roto target is one example. In terms of play field, every pin is different so its hard to claim this has any special significance in that regard. Play field art work is as good as Back Glass- game really looks sharp.