The Wiggler

Bally, 1967

Manufactured By: Bally Manufacturing Co.

Date: August 1967

The Wiggler was designed in February 1967, Test-Samples got on their way in Spring, and Serial-Production started in August 1967.
Test-Sample-Games were green and blue coloured, but the Mangement asked Artist Jerry K Kelley to change the Colours to pink and purple.
JKK himself called the 2 Versions ‘Wiggler 1 and 2’
Models with english Language were called THE WIGGLER while the german Models were just called WIGGLER. Test-Samples were available only in english Language.
JKK also designed the new Cabinet with the new black Front-Door, the lift-up-Frame for the Playfield-Glass and also the new Nylon-Flipper-Buttons.
The new and shorter (71cm) black Legs, black Backdoor and black Front-Door were also his Idea.