Williams, 1954

Manufactured By: Williams Electronic Games, Inc.

Date: January 1954

Game rules of this pinball are exceptionally complex and very unusual for a 50’ties game. Main goal is to shoot balls into left bottom kicker which kicks balls into a vertical row of four saucers. Every ball entering this lane advances ball(s) one step down. Also right upper kicker lane advances these balls. Hole No 5 returns balls to shooter and opens right gate to enter a special scoring lane. If a ball enters this lane a credit is scored and a spectacular sequence starts: Ball is kicked back into upper right lane. Upper right lane advances locked balls in left bottom saucers and kicks ball in play. However, every time a ball falls into hole no 5, the right gate will open immediately, allowing ball in play to enter the special right lane again and score a replay. This process is being repeated until all balls in saucers have fallen into hole no 5. These released balls are returned to shooter. This can be considered as a very early example of add a ball play!