Wizard of Oz Pinball Mods

Jersey Jack, 2013 Pinball Mods

Manufactured By: Jersey Jack Pinball

Date: May 2013


A stunning game based on the 1939 motion picture classic, the Wizard of Oz –features several industry firsts, including rich audio, LCD HD-Quality monitor, and a hand-drawn playfield. The game includes four major mechanical toys (Dorothy’s Spinning House, the Witch’s Castle, Flying Monkey, Melting Witch) and four custom toys/playfield additions (Tornado, Castle Walls, Toto in Basket, and Lollipop stand-up target decals). The sound designer, Chris Granner, creates extraordinary music and sound effects. 

Designed by Joe Balcer and released in April 2013, it attracted the attention of avid pinball collectors worldwide. The game has been made in 4 different models – Yellow Brick Road Limited Edition, 75th Anniversary Edition, Standard Edition, and Emerald City Limited Edition.

If you own a Jersey Jack Pinball Wizard of Oz and would like to improve it further, you can always buy wizard of oz pinball mods to enhance it more. Wizard of oz pinball mods will also bring your machine into the future. Integrated with Wi-Fi chip technology, the wizard of oz pinball mods lets you access menu views and advanced settings in the Pin Stadium app. With a flick of your finger, you adjust the color and brightness level to any level you desire or choose from the preset controls. Now you can customize your Wizard of Oz pinball machine’s look according to your theme preferences or preferred mood. Also, they automatically sync with the factory lightshow which gives you unprecedented results.