World Fair

Gottlieb, 1964

Manufactured By: D. Gottlieb & Co.

Date: April 1964

Gottlieb’s 1965 release of World Fair was inspired by the wildly popular New York World Fair of 1964, however, its art and overall theme depict the World’s Columbian Exposition that occurred in Chicago in 1893. At the Chicago Fair, the world’s first Ferris wheel was on display—and it becomes a central motif in this game, represented prominently on the backglass art and through a “wheel” of bumpers that appear in centre of the playfield. The player is challenged to collect a series of numbers via rollover switches, or to have a number spotted by spinning the central disc nestled in the middle of the playfield. Once all numbers are collected, a special is awarded, and a moving lit number can be collected to award further specials.