World’s Series Pinball Mods

Rockola, 1934 Pinball Mods

Manufactured By: Rockola Manufacturing Company

Date: January 1934

World's Series Pinball Mods

Manufacturer: Rock-ola Manufacturing Corporation, of Chicago, Illinois, USA

Type: Pure Mechanical (PM)

Theme: Sports – Baseball

Specialty: Flipperless

Notable Features: 1 cent or 5 cent play, 15 balls, 3 outs per game.

Design by: David Rockola

Produced: Approx 50,000, one of the highest production pinball machines ever

World’s Series was a very popular baseball pinball machine. It was very productive for operators, and Rock-Ola Manufacturing Corporation. The game played a half inning of American baseball–and was used for gambling. Balls, outs, base hits and home runs are all part of the game. An estimated 500-700 still exist, all in the hands of private collectors and museums. Prices have been rising. Nice games sell for between $1500 and $2500(fully restored). Select reproduction parts are available from

An Australian variation of this game was called Pleasure Island.

Notes: Design Patent DE90,927 applied for August-5-1933, issued October-24-1933.
Ball Shooter Patent Number 1,842,863.
Mechanical Patent No. 1,975,374 filed April-14-1934, granted October-2-1934.