Upgrade Cactus Canyon Pinball Remake With Pinstadium Pinball Mods

Cactus Canyon is a well-loved pinball game that continues to be popular to this day. There’s actually a Cactus Canyon pinball remake, which is the fourth game to make a comeback among the greatest hits from Bally/Williams machines. If you think you have what it takes to be a lawman in the old west town and save Cactus Canyon from a bank robbery, then this is your dream pinball machine!! You’ll even get to show off your expert marksman skills, save Polly Peril, and tame some wild broncos along the way!

What’s in the remake?

Cactus Canyon Pinball RemakeThe Cactus Canyon pinball remake comes with expanded game rules, new sounds, and new display art—all of which are exclusive in this new version. You’ll enjoy the full-color display artwork—re-imagined within the original framework of the Williams display artwork—now at four times the resolution. And if that’s not enough, you’ll find new HD animated frames that bring the display to life. 


The remake has Chicago Gaming’s XL color display for twice the viewing area of the original game’s display. Modern manufacturing technology, electronics, and LED lighting further deliver a more immersive gaming experience that will exceed expectations.

Bring the game to life

Although the Cactus Canyon pinball remake features a lot of significant improvements, you can apply even more nifty features yourself to make it more immersive and fun to play. Why not install pinball mods like Pin Stadium lights? This nice upgrade will brighten up the playfield to make all details more visible and easier to see. This can be beneficial if you want to record or live-stream your gameplay, or if you are like most and simply want to improve your gaming experience.  This will also remove glass glare and help you to see beautiful artwork like never seen before.  Did we mention it will help you with your precision marksman shots??? 

Which pinball mods should you use?

Cactus Canyon Remake Before n AfterThe Cactus Canyon pinball remake deserves only the best pinball mods, like Neo Pin Stadium, a multi-colored/RGB lighting kit that comes with Full Spectrum White GI and the innovative BLUR (diffuser). This amazing combination of features delivers stealth-looking factory lighting that will completely impress you and take your pinball machine to new levels. That makes Neo a Holy Grail for collectors Cactus Canyon.


Neo is designed and proven to work on any pinball machine, including the Cactus Canyon pinball remake. You can customize it in any way you please to achieve a custom blend of colors and brightness that meets your taste.  A kit comes with a pair of Neo light bars, GI/flasher cables, two cable clamps, installation instructions, alcohol wipes, and the plasma power supply. The lights are controllable via the free iOS or Android app.

Better LED lighting with Neo Pin Stadium lights

Neo Pin Stadium aims to engage your senses while bringing the game to life and delivers a properly lit playfield that will give you more immersive and engaging gameplay. So be sure to add on a set of Pin Stadium Neos to your Cactus Canyon Remake pinball machine by Chicago Gaming Company!!

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