1. What is the difference between the models?
    Pin Stadium
    – Provides WiFi app controllable vivid GI Illumination and adds dramatics effects with UV+Glow Flasher
    NEO Pin Stadium Same features as the Pin Stadiums + 2x BrighterRGB/Colored GI and BLUR Photon Merger(colored RGB diffused lights)
    NEO Fusion  Same features as the Neo Pin Stadiums + Wifi controllable flasher system with 4x flashers embedded into the light bars.  Basically the top of the line ultimate light show All-In-One product! We hope this helps you to answer all of your questions.

    Check out this Comparison Chart and if you have more questions please click on our support chat or email us.  Otherwise: Click here to ORDER NOW

  2. What is UV+Glow?  This is a set of UV colored flashers embedded on the light bars that adds amazing dazzling effects     What are Hyperbeams?  They are brighter RGB(colored) LED Lights     What is Orion’s Belt?  They are a set of Wifi RGB controllable flasher lights that adds 4x flashers with super dazzling effects     What is BLUR?  This is a diffuser that makes for smooth balanced light on the playfield.
  3. How easy are they to install?
    Very simple and it does not require any tools whatsoever.  We provide easy to understand step by step instructions 10-15 minute install and if you need help get an immediate response on our 24/7 Support Chat or Email Us.
  4. Do they work with side art, pinblades or mirror blades?
    Yes, we have tested on all of these.
  5. Are Pin Stadium Lights compatible with any pinball machine?
    The lights are designed to fit all standard size and widebody pinball machines. We have tested them on the following brands: Bally/Williams(all), Chicago Gaming, Jersey Jack Pinball, Spooky Pinball, Gottlieb, Data East, American Pinball, Heighway Pinball, and Stern(new and old).  Also many have asked if they will work for EM’s and yes they do.  In the app there is what we like to call a “EM Setting” that provides warm white only to the playfield to retain a very natural factory appearance.
  6. How does the flasher integration connect?
    The kit allows you to easily connect the Pin Stadium flashers to any 4v-24v bulb/shaker motor trigger with alligator clips (doesn’t matter which way either as we switch polarity for you).  Very simple and requires no soldering!  Of course you can always splice or solder them on if you want but it is not needed.
  7. Are they removable if I sell my game and want to keep them for a new machine?
    Yes, they can be removed and installed on another machine.
  8. What is the best pinball mod?
    There are many quality pinball mods out there for your pinball machine. But there is one that most every collectors starts with and we were awarded the #1 TWIPY award from This Week in Pinball www.thisweekinpinball.com. Pin Stadium lights is a Wifi app controllable lighting system that is very simple to install and works with any pinball machine. It’s plug and play design allows you to install in about 10-15 minutes. It provides very high quality general illumination lighting (known as GI) that evenly covers the entire playfield whole automatically syncing with the lighting and modes. In addition it provide a very cool enhancement known as the UV+Glow flasher which connects to any flasher and it ignites the playfield with a brilliant effect. For more information please visit: https://pinstadium.com
  9. What is the most important thing upgrade on a pinball?
    The first place to start is with the lighting on any pinball machine. Whether it be an older EM (electro mechanical) or modern machine, you can really bring the game to an entirely new level. Most start with adding LED bulbs in the inserts and GI on older machines that come with incandescent bulbs. This tends to make the game brighter in those sections, but the downside is that the dark areas appear worse due to the new contrast of really bright to dark. The recommended way to go is to consider Pin Stadium pinball LED lighting for your machine. This will balance out the dark spots and give you complete coverage for your machine. This is a “go to” mod for most of the pinball collectors today. Also the install is very simple and easy along with the ability to control the lights with an app on your Android or iPhone.
  10. What type of pinball lights are recommended for my pinball?
    The most popular lights are Pin Stadiums as they are simple to install and are compatible with any pinball machine new or old.
  11. How do I get power to the lights?
    We provide a direct plug and play power adapter for our Pin Stadium control unit for you to simply plug into your machine’s service port for a factory finished look and no power is drawn from the machine whatsoever. Off the grid!!  In addition, our lights will turn on and off with the machine’s power.  Also during game play, they will sync with precision with all the modes (on/off/fade, etc).
  12. What is included with the Pin Stadium kit?
    The kit has everything you need to install, no tools required! Each kit includes:
    2x Cable clamps
    Alcohol wipes
    Pair of Pin Stadium lights ready to install
    1x Pin Stadium control unit
    Install instructions
    Free IOS and Android app for download
  13. What other benefits do these lights provide?
    Many customers have stated that they are experiencing glass glare either being heavily reduced or removed in many occasions.  Also many have stated that they feel they are having higher scoring games due to the high visibility of the playfield.  Spot lights are no longer needed either as the Pin Stadium lighting provides a much higher quality of lighting to your machine.  See Better, Play Better!
  14. Will these wash out the playfield or inlay lights?
    No, with the app they are 100% adjustable from 0-100% so you can dial them in perfectly to your liking so that they work with all aspects of your game.  If you want a dark eerie look on machines like The Walking Dead, Alien, Rob Zombie, etc then just dial in 20-30% brightness of the white lights and then whatever color and level for the RGB.  Over 16 million colors!
  15. What kind of LED’s do you use?
    The LED’s we used are custom PCB and LED chips that were designed by Pin Stadium and custom engineered/manufactured for this specific application and for our kits.  They are manufactured to specs that are above and beyond anything commonly available due to our background in working with lighting applications for corporate and entertainment purposes.  Your playfield is now your concert stage!
  16. Where do I get support for the Pin Stadium app?
    Simply visit our App FAQ’s page

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