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How do I set up my Pin Stadium lights?

You can control them directly by going to your Wifi setting and looking for a Wifi starting with “LEDnet*****”. Tap on that network and follow the prompts. Once connected you can then control them.  Click here for a guide on how to properly adjust settings for your machine for optimal results!!

How do I add Pin Stadiums to my Wifi network?

We suggest this so that you don’t have to keep logging into the lights Wifi directly each time you will need to create a Pin Stadium account. During this process you will be prompted to create a Pin Stadium account which just asks for your email address and your create a password (see Step 6 below for more info on this part). This way you can also control your entire pinball machine collection with the Pin Stadiums installed all from the main menu of the app. In order to do this simply connect directly to your lights, then from the main menu tap the “+” (upper right corner) and select “Connect Pin Stadium to Wi-Fi network”

Next select the Wi-Fi network you would like to add it to and then enter the password for that network login. If for some reason you don’t see your Wi-Fi click on “Others” and it should appear there.

You will then see “Connecting…. This may take a few minutes” when this is appearing you MUST go to your phone’s Wi-Fi settings and login to the network. Then go back to the Pin Stadium app and you should see it connected. You may need to “Refresh” the app to see it. *Important: You must connect to a 2.4 ghz Wifi network as 5ghz networks are currently not supported for this feature.

How do I reset my Pin Stadium lights?

Go to the Pin Stadium GI module and plug and unplug the power connector(enlarge pic below) 4x times fast (1 second intervals in between).  If you have a USB module then just pull in/out the black barrel power connector instead:  You will then see them start cycling through a color changing sequence which indicates that they have been properly reset and are ready to be connected to again.  If you did not get this result, then retry until they change.  It may take a couple attempts (trying changing your rhythm a little faster or slower), but you will get the feel for it.  The lights will then appear as “LEDnet*****” in your Wifi network which will allow you to connect to them as described above.  If for some reason the network does not show up then toggle OFF then ON the Wifi in the Settings of your phone.  Then wait for about 20 seconds for it to show up.

I am unable to control or turn On/Off my lights but when I move the slider to adjust nothing happens, what is wrong?

This is most likely that you have the flashers hooked up to a GI source and they are on all the time. As a result they are overpowering your GI lights which are changing and turning On/Off but the flasher (particularly the UV+Glow) is so bright that you cannot see this. Switch the flasher cable trigger wire to a proper flasher trigger bulb and this should resolve the matter for you. In some cases (which happens with many on their first install of these) is they have the GI and Flasher cables reversed. If that is the case and you already have your connections made to the game, just simply swap the white connectors on the Pin Stadium black GI module and you should be good to go!  They should look like this:

I am being prompted to set up an account, what does this mean and how do I do it?

If you would like to be able to add your lights to Wifi (Step 3 above) then you will need to create a Pin Stadium account in the “Settings” Menu of the app. You will just need to provide your email address and create a password. This will then allow you to save your settings for all of your machines and control them across multiple devices from anywhere in the world if you like. Imagine getting your buddy’s password and messing with them from your house while they are playing! Just kidding, well sort of; ) This feature is also handy if you get a new phone and don’t want to lose your Pin Stadium lights settings for each machine or if a friend of yours has the same machine and they can login to give you the settings they recommend to get you started. The possibilities are endless!

How Do I Access the Neo Wifi Chip Additional Settings Menu?


Follow the Steps 1-3 for the screens on the top by changing the “Device Settings” from “RGB/W” to “RGB&W”. This will allow access to the White Light menu (labeled “Warm”) which is accessible from the lower part of the screen. This will give you menu settings more familiar what you are used to with the standard Pin Stadiums but with extended features adjustments/presets.

1. Perform a “Long Press” with your finger by touching and holding down on the Pinball Machine Name(Device) until a menu pops up
2. Select “Change Device Type”
3. Move selection from “RGB/W” to “RGB&W” (then drag down on the Devices Main Menu to refresh it if you don’t see the changes)
FINISHED:  You will see the color wheel change to just all colors and then a White menu tab will appear at the bottom of the screen. Toggle back and forth to adjust color and white to your desired setting

**Note: Don’t let “Warm” fool you into thinking it is just warm lights, as you can dial in any spectrum of color to mix with the base warm whites. This will give you the ability to adjust to Warm(Brightness on Color Wheel to 0%), Cool(add deeper % of blue to taste), Natural(add small % of blue range to taste), Sunlight(add % of Red/Orange to taste), Diamond White(color wheel in center), make your own DIY white too.  No more rules 😉  If you want more color then adjust the % of the White lights down accordingly to your desired level.

A long awaited feature is to have saved presets for White lighting also and you can do that now just like you could for the colors!!!

Do you have any recommended settings for my specific machine?

We are compiling input from users for specific machines as to the best/recommended app settings.  Click here for recommended settings for your machine and if it doesn’t have any yet please upload  your own to help us build this database.

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