Why should every pinball in your collection have Pin Stadium Lights and Orion’s Belt?

“The Collector’s Choice in Premium Pinball Lighting”

Welcome to the future of lighting for your pinball machine. Pin Stadium light’s patent-pending design brightens the entire playfield and adds dramatic flasher effects to your pinball machine. They provide seamless integration for your pinball machine while maintaining that factory look all with an easy install time of about 15 minutes or less. Your game no longer needs to be left in the dark and these work on any pinball machine thanks to our quality engineered game specific kits. Whether you are a purist wanting a little more natural looking light on your playfield,  a modder wanting to blow away everyone that plays your game, or an operator wanting to increase traffic and ROI, then these are for you!  You dial them in with the app to exactly what you want.  Our custom design and Pin Stadium specific LED PCB boards and chips are exactly what you need!

Be sure to check out our new complimentary product line to Pin Stadium lights know as Orion’s Belt.  You really need to check them out HERE!

A revolution in LED lighting for your pinball is finally here!



“Snap in” Magna-Mount for EASY installation and removal when playfield needs raised for service. No tools required!

App Control

App Control

Fully customizable color combinations along with organizing your entire collection. Works with iPhone/Android devices through Wi-Fi.


App controlled GI lighting to any color you like. We aren’t just talking RGB, our lights have white lights embedded in between for every shade and brightness level possible. In app control of warm, cool, natural, and sunlight whites!



Maintain that factory original look. Our sleek awning system design hides the direct light source thus eliminating eye strain and distractions

Flasher Integration

Our flashers LED’s are mounted underneath and right next to the GI lights on our kit. Integration works with any pinball new and old. Experience dramatic effects while playing!!

GI Integration

GI Integration

Brightens up the playfield dramatically and helps to eliminate shadows and dark areas.  Our lights also sync with the pinball machine for one amazing light show.

Easy Install

Plug and play, no tools! under 15 minutes. Anyone can install


1. Power

Easier connection and this power adapter works on every pinball machine.


2. GI/Flasher

It works with any pinball new and old. Experience dramatic effects while playing!!

Mount Light Bar

3. Mount Light Bar

“Snap in” Magna-Mount for EASY installation and removal when playfield needs raised for service.

Over 1000 sets already sold!

Thank you to our customers for your support!

Highest customer order: 44 sets

Zach "Straight Down the Middle: A Pinball Show"

Straight Down the Middle: A Pinball Show

“Oh my God the UV Flashers, it takes it to the next level.  Best bang for your buck!”

Straight Down the Middle: A Pinball Show

“If you are a streamer then this is the easiest thing you can do to boost your lighting for streaming!”

Nick Lane Buffalo Pinball

Nick Lane
Buffalo Pinball

“It looks phenomenal from the streaming perspective!”

Head2Head Pinball

“Thank you, thank you Scott.  I love your product and great customer service!”

Ryan C.
Head2Head Pinball

“Yes, the hype is real!”

Jacob Martin


“Install was easy and simple. The playfield came alive and the light show is amazing. I am simply amazed. Thank you!”

Marcus Jones


“Best LED pinball lighting mod period! I am astounded by the professional design and excellent results on my machines. It goes to show that innovation isn’t dead in pinball.”

James Smith


“I have done almost every LED mod possible. When I installed them I could not believe how amazing they work. I wish I had these sooner.”

Emily Thomas


“These work incredible and results are super impressive. Def buying one for each pin in my collection. Love the factory look too!”