Estimated install time is 15-20 minutes

Watch this video from a customer of ours Pinball Supernova on how to install the Hovers:
Pinball Mod: Hover Installation by Pin Stadium

Please note that we are not responsible for any damages done to your pinball machine. Install at your own risk! We suggest that if you are not familiar with working on your pinball machine that you take your time or have someone help you. Always consult your manual for detailed information or have a knowledgeable buddy/technician to help you.  Most importantly take your time when installing the Hovers.  There  is no hurry and you want to have a nice clean, permanent install so you don’t have to remove your light bars ever again when raising your playfield 😉

Step 1

Open up the Hovers  out of the capsule and lay the pieces in a clean open area.  Your kit will have 2 x Tall Hovers, 2x Medium Hovers, 2x Baby Hovers, and one rubbing alcohol packet as shown below:


Step 2

Remove the lockdown bar and the glass from your machine to find the best mounting locations surfaces for the Hovers.  They will need to be mounted on the outside edges of the playfield as indicated by the green lines.  Make sure the light bars are resting in the middle of the playfield and not installed if you already of them on the Magna-Mounts and are converting to Hovers.  I have found that you can leave the Magna-Mounts on from my experience so you don’t have to remove them as the Hovers can work with them still (in case you don’t want to remove them) and they can help to draw the Hovers snug on the side even more if you want.  During my tests I was able to lift the playfield with the Hovers and the Magna-Mounts with no issues.  You can always remove them in the later if you would like but that is up to your personal preference and experience.

**Pro Tip:  You can use Magna-Mounts in conjunction with the Hovers if you like.  In fact, it will help to seal the light bars even tighter to the sides of the cabinet to help insure no light gaps will occur.  The Hovers are designed to work with them and pull past the mounts when raising the playfield! 😉





The Hovers will fit in places you would not imagine possible(seriously), but you will need to ALWAYS test that they fit first in the location you are attempting  There is a special “sneak in” arch on the base that will let you move them into position in tight fitting locations as shown below (Wow!).  Slide them in position where you want them and adjust the top of the clip so that it fit just under the glass “slide-in” line on the machine.  This will ensure that they clear the glass when it is put back in:





**Special Note: Be sure to locate 3 positions “Strongly Suggested” for the Hovers to clip onto the light bars whenever possible as the “Alternative” is not nearly as secure.  Using 3 of them will insure a sturdy install and also make sure that you place Hover’s top swivel clip on the very ends of the light bar about at least 1/4″ in on each end or as close to that whenever possible.  Make sure that you don’t fit them at the very end or they will not hold properly.  You will clip them onto the light bar in a space between the LEDs and chips on the UV+Glow flasher.  It’s a really good idea I have found to use some electrical tape to make on the light bar (hold the light bar next to or above it to get a great reference for where you plan to clip them first.  This will allow you to see where you will need to fit them in to align with the LED chips.  Do this by holding the light bar up and watching underneath where they will go.  Every other spot between the LEDs is a good spot as there are no chips there.

**Note:  If you have Fusions skip this trim step as you won’t need to do this!

Once you are 100% satisfied and certain of the  best location, then use a small set of small (not large) scissors to gently trim the Invisi-Shields on either side of clip making sure you trim it “right” next to the edge of the clip so that no light will shine through.  Then fold the cut section in first and test to make sure it slides in and fits nice and firm.  If for some reason it requires too much force (don’t want to break the clip) then simply fold back and forth that trimmed section until it can be removed from the Invisi-Shield.  That will allow it to slide in easier, but again you want it to be a firm slide in and not loose to try to attach the clip with the cut section of the Invisi-Shield folded in.





See example below of a good location:




The next Hover will need to be mounted in the middle.  See examples below of how you should test fit them first (do not mount yet or peel off adhesive backing!):





Step 3

Next use a medium phillips head screwdriver to loosen and remove locking screws (must remove the screws) on the Hovers so that you can adjust the vertical height by pulling the upper support out and then snapping it back into the desired location.  In most cases it is easiest to pop out the piece (versus sliding) to move it into the desired position which is recommended.  You will also need to loosen (not remove) the top clip to adjust the swivel angle.  Keep them snug (DO NOT over tighten as snug is all you need or it will cause damage, trust me) during this entire process so that they can be moved and hold their place as shown below:






Then slide the top clip whole pinching the Invisi-Shield or you will break the clip.  Remember to attach it onto the light bar in a space between the LEDs and chips on the UV+Glow flasher.  Every other spot between the LEDs is a good spot as there are not chips there.  DO NOT put them on the LEDs as it will damage them or press in too hard as that break the Hover clip or damage the LED’s.  Again, when you clip them onto the light bar you MUST pinch the Invisi-Shield inward with your finger in order to release pressure so that the top clip can slide on.  Be gentle and don’t force them as they don’t have to go all the way in at this point since you can fine tune that later.  Then once you are sure(100%) of the best install location (perform several test fits, I mean be VERY sure) the Invisi-Shield will need to be trimmed as show below:






Next clean the locations with the supplied rubbing alcohol packet (very important to make sure it’s absolutely clean!).





Peel off the adhesive backing from the bottom of the Hover mount and place them “lightly” (important) in place for now as we will firm them up later in case we need to move them around.  Keep in mind that the Hovers are best mounted on the edges wooden/metal part of the playfield whenever possible (every machine has a 1/2″ section on either side for them to mount), but when needed in some rare situations you may need to use the edge of a plastic, ramp or other object to mount them on.  If you are mounting the on a plastic be sure to try to use the middle plastic where it is secured on either side by a screw.  If you put it on the end of a plastic it will be less stable.





You can mount them on just about anything but try to mount them on a surface as close to the playfield as possible and make sure that the Hovers clips are as flush as possible with the side of the cabinet with no gap:






Step 4

Once you have all of the clips in place as show below:





Next raise and lower the playfield to make sure everything clears and that the light bars are flush up against the vertical side wall of your pinball cabinet.  If not then adjust as necessary.    Also check to make sure that you have them in the best aesthetic location for a clean factory look.

This is last step is “IMPORTANT”: Remember firm up the adhesive mounts by apply pressure to the base.  the install to insure proper mounting.


Restore the playfield to normal play position, replace the balls if they were removed along with the playfield glass and lockbar.


Now enjoy the amazing convenience of the Hovers and as always the brilliant Pin Stadium/Fusion light show now with that “Factory feel”.  No longer will you have to say “Pardon me sir, can you help me hold my light bars while I work on my machine?”  You now have eternal valet service for your lights going forward 😉  Thank you all for your great support for the Pin Stadium products!!  If you have ANY questions or problems during the install Email Us for immediate assistance.  Don’t worry I’ve got you covered 😉 

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