Estimated install time is 5-10 minutes

Please note that we are not responsible for any damages done to your pinball machine. Install at your own risk! We suggest that if you are not familiar with working on your pinball machine that you take your time or have someone help you. Always consult your manual for detailed information or have a knowledgeable buddy/technician to help you.

Step 1

Estimated install time is 5-10 minutes

Open up the Hovers  out of the capsule and lay the pieces in a clean open area.  Your kit will have 2 x Tall Hovers, 2x Medium Hovers, 2x Baby Hovers, and one rubbing alcohol packet as shown below:


Step 2

Remove the lockdown bar and the glass from your machine to find the best mounting locations surfaces for the Hovers.  They will need to be mounted on the outside edges of the playfield as indicated by the green lines.





The Hovers will fit in places you would not imagine possible, but you will need to ALWAYS test that they fit first in the location you are attempting  There is a special “sneak in” arch on the base that will let you move them into position in tight fitting locations as shown below (Wow!):





**Special Note: Be sure to locate 3 positions for the Hovers to clip onto the light bars whenever possible.  This will insure a sturdy install and also make sure that you place Hover’s top swivel clip  on the very ends of the light bar about a 1/4″ in on each end (don’t fit them at the very end) and then one in the middle.  See examples below:





Step 3

Next use a medium phillips head screwdriver loosen and tighten the Hovers so that you can adjust the height and also the swivel angle of the top clip.  Keep them snug during this entire process so that they can be moved and hold their place as shown below:






Then slide the top clip section onto the light bars (including the Invisi-Shield as it will fold inward and will be trimmed in the next step) as show below:






Next clean the locations with the supplied rubbing alcohol packet (very important to make sure it’s absolutely clean!).





Peel off the adhesive backing from the bottom of the Hover mount and place them “lightly” (important) in place for now as we will firm them up later in case we need to move them around.  Keep in mind that the Hovers are best mounted on the playfield or plastics whenever possible, but when needed in some rare situations you may need to use the edge of a  ramp or other object to mount them on.





You can mount them on just about anything but try to mount them on a surface as close to the playfield as possible and make absolutely sure that the light bar is right next to the cabinet wall so ABSOLUTELY no light shines through any gap:






Step 4

Once you have all of the clips in place as show below:





Next raise and lower the playfield to make sure everything clears and that the light bars are flush up against the vertical side wall of your pinball cabinet where there is not light coming through between the light bar and cabinet.  If not then adjust as necessary.    Also check to make sure that you have them in the best aesthetic location for a clean factory look.  Once you are satisfied and certain these is the best location, then use a small set of scissors to gently trim the Invisi-Shields on either side of clip making sure you trim it “right” next to the edge of the clip so that no light will shine through!  (You can leave the folded section of the Invisi-Shield where it is as that is recommended since it protect the LEDs too!).





This is last step is “IMPORTANT”: Remember firm up the adhesive mounts by apply pressure to the base.  the install to insure proper mounting.


Restore the playfield to normal play position, replace the balls if they were removed along with the playfield glass and lockbar.


Now enjoy the amazing convenience of the Hovers and as always the brilliant Pin Stadium/Fusion light show now with that “Factory feel”.  No longer will you have to say “Pardon me sir, can you help me hold my light bars while I work on my machine?”  You now have eternal valet service for your lights going forward 😉  Thank you all for your great support for the Pin Stadium products!!