Estimated install time: 5 minutes

Step 1:  Each light bar has a set of Magna-Mounts which will attached to the vertical part of your rails as shown above.  The green arrows indicate where you will tuck the ribbon cable so that it’s stealth and not visible on your stream.

Step 2:  Plug the power supply into your wall outlet.

Step 3:  The X-Stream will begin flashing their lights indicating that they are ready to be paired with your phone.  Go to the Wifi Settings on your phone and then look for a network connection named “LEDNet*******”.  Tap on that and once connected open up the Pin Stadium and you will see in your “Device” list, one named “Controller*****”.  If you do not see this appearing then make sure you are at the main menu of the app and then drag down anywhere on the screen to refresh. It should then appear at that time and you have the option to name the device by doing a “long press” on the word “Controller*****”.   Select “Rename Pin Stadium” and type in what you want to call it such as “X-Stream”.

There is an option to permanently add the  X-Stream to your Wifi network for convenience (by hitting the white “+” on the top right of the screen) if you don’t want to be required to connect to the “LEDNet*****” Wifi network each time to control it in the Pin Stadium app.  However this is ONLY recommended if you NEVER plan to stream outside of your current location because once you leave  your Wifi network range you will not be able to control them when you are mobile unless you do a factory reset.  Details for adding them to the Wifi or performing a reset are at this link:

Step 4:  Tap on the name of the device and a color wheel will come up.  Go ahead and adjust the “White” slider at the very bottom to something that is 50% or under as you do not want to exceed

Set up Tips:

The RECOMMENDED MAX for “White” is 50% for the white lights(they don’t need to go higher than this and they will get too warm if you do so beware these things are powerful).  If you have the X-Stream Plus then do not run the Cool White lights as more than 50% total (so 25% warm white and 25% cool white, or 35% cool white and 15% warm white)The streamers using the X-Streams generally run the “White” lights between 25-40% with a properly adjusted camera.  Jack Danger from Deadflip or George from Don’t Panic Flip are good resources for dialing these in along with camera settings.  Send them a message as these guys are pros as what they do and are very helpful.  Always feel free to Email us or get on our 24-7 Live Chat also for support.

Pyramid Mounts:  They are a black pair of long double sided magnetic mounts that will go in between the X-Streams and the pinball cabinet’s side rails.  They allow for an even better focused light and a nice angle for the player to remove directly light from you, while still providing a quality “Face Glow” for your stream.  Stream in the dark, it’s the thing to do now!!!


****If you have the Neos:  The default color wheel screen will have a “Cool White” and “Warm White” one touch settings, however if you want to dial them in further then follow these instructions to unlock a screen designed for further tuning here for the White lighting:

Then after perform the steps above and if want to get a deeper Cool White for example, then I recommend a lower percentage of white like 20-25% and then run “Brightness” at 100% of what color you want to add.  So in the scenario of Cool White you would add 100% blue and then dial in your percentage of white to your desired level.  If you have a machine that has dark colored artwork (a lot of bold colors such as purple or blue etc) and then you will want to run some level of cool white.  If a playfield has lighter colors then Warm White is safe and does well.  Then there are some playfields where it’s sort of in between and neither in that case.  For those you will want to introduce Reds or Oranges and other complimentary colors in the color wheel.

IMPORTANT:  If you ordered the Neo X-Streams then you will use the Blue color spectrum for the Cool White and then to control the Warm White go to the Warm tab.  Note:  You can isolate the Blue if you tap on the small “RGB” labels that is located to the top left of the color wheel.  This will bring up a menu that will provide you with 3 sliders Red, Green, and Blue.
Drag the Red and Green to the “0” and the Blue all the way to the right to “255”.  Hit “Confirm” and then you can adjust the “Brightness” slider to your desired setting.
After a while you will get the feel for it and see how it appears on the camera with different settings.  If you plan on running something other than warm white then the general rule is to turn the white lights to 0% then move the color wheel around(all in a completely dark room) until you see the artwork start to visually pop. Then from that point you can gradually start introducing the warm white.

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