Estimated install time is 10-15 minutes

Pinball Mods Pinball LED Lights: Pin Stadium Installation

Please note that we are not responsible for any damages done to your pinball machine. Install at your own risk! We suggest that if you are not familiar with working on your pinball machine that you take your time or have someone help you. Always consult your manual for detailed information or have a knowledgeable buddy/technician to help you.  If you are installing the Pin Stadium Fusions you will simply need to Click Here for the install instructions.  If you are looking for the Hover conversion kit installation Click Here.  Or you are installing Baby Pin Stadiums Click Here

Before you begin watch this install video first and disregard the part near the end where they make the power connection to the machine, as the new version is even easier since you simply plug the power into your service port.  The proceed onto Step 1

Step 1

Remove the playfield glass and balls from the machine, then raise the playfield vertical.

First going into Settings/ADJ/Feature Adjustments(ST) by opening the coin door and use the buttons to navigate to that menu.  Turn on the “UV Kit Installed” change it to “YES” AND secondly also VERY IMPORTANT for Premium/LE owners: Go to the Settings/ADJ/Standard Adjustments and go to #78 GI Brightness.  By default is at 100 but needs to be turned all the way up to 255.  If you don’t do this the kit will not perform properly.  Then locate your GI and Flasher cables:

GI: Connect the BLUE/WHITE cable’s alligator clips to a GI Bulb (polarity is not important so it doesn’t matter which side you connect them to). Note: This Blue/White cable connection to the GI is only needed if you ordered the Pin Stadium Things Edition with the Wifi GI.  If not, then skip to the next step.

Flasher: Connect the RED/GREEN cable to Purple GI Bulb with the alligator clips (polarity does not matter here either)


Note:  In some cases the alligator clips may not be able to reach clip cleanly onto the terminals due to the black heat shrink that is on them from the factory.  If this is the case, simply get a small flathead screwdriver and back off the factory heat shrink to make room for the clips to grab onto the terminal.  Be sure to do this with the game “Off” of course.

Step 2

Connect the Pin Stadium Stranger Things Power cable with the Red/Black wires(pic below) to the power board in the machine.  This is located behind the speaker panel just to the left of the service port which is behind the right speaker in the backbox.  You will simply plug into the terminal labeled “CN6”, making sure the Black wire is on the TOP and other wire (colors may vary) on the BOTTOM exactly how the picture shows(very important!).  UPDATE:  If your kit shipped with a power supply then you have the option to boost the brightness even more by plugging it into the outlet of the service port which is near this CN6 connection mentioned.  If you do this then you MUST plug your pinball machine into a power strip or wall outlet that you can turn On/Off that way, otherwise the UV of the “Things” Edition kit will stay on all the time and you do not want this.  If you want the lights to turn off with the machine then just use the CN6 connection.

Step 3

Lower the playfield to resting angle position on the cabinet and rest the light bars on the playfield.

Then plug the power connector cable, GI, and Flasher cables into the Pin Stadium GI module as shown below.  Note if you did not order the Wifi GI option then simply connect to the “Flasher” post only.

Step 4

Place the now connected Pin Stadium GI Module over the backboard into the bottom of the cabinet out of the way of any moving objects.

Next locate the accessory packet and inside of it are small adhesive ribbon cable clamps included to use to attach to the back of the playfield to help guide the ribbon cables. They are to be attached to the furthest upper left and right corners of on the backside of the playfield backboard. These are vital as they act as a guide to keep the cables clear of pinching and allow as a memory for your cable length to help keep the cable tucked away and hidden.

Tip: Bend the ribbon cable in half (as shown below) so that it slides easier in the cable clamp. This allow for easier adjustment for slack and helps when you go to tuck it out of site once the playfield is down. You will eventually find a sweet spot that works with each machine. The ribbon cable is designed to be bendable so that you can further tuck it up and out of the way for a nice stealth look.

Step 5

**IMPORTANT:  SKIP this section if you are using the Hover installation kit to mount your lights: Click Here for installation.  Otherwise if you are using Magna-Mounts please continue.  Lower the playfield back down to it’s level resting position and use the included alcohol wipe to clean just below the playfield glass track. Positioning of the lights will be 1/8th of an inch below the glass channel. Clean about 2 inches below the glass so not to pick up any stray dust. It will need to be very clean and completely dry before proceeding. The wipe is to insure the best adhesion for the Magna-Mount system that hold the lights to the side of the cabinet. This is a VERY IMPORTANT step as this will insure the Pin Stadium lights a solid mount. Take your time here on this one please.  Also DO NOT remove the other side of the Magna-Mounts from the light bar prior to installation.  The light bars are to be installed with them on for two important reasons, one for correct positioning and also for polarity of the mounts.  If you take them off and install them there is a good chance you will reverse polarity if they are not put on with the light bars.  If polarity it wrong light bars will always shift when you re-attached them and never go in the correct spot.   The two magnets fight against each other.

Notice here, I have roughly marked the length of the lights to know where to clean and positioning of the lights is critical for the best effect and clean factory finished look. The ribbon cable should be tucked just behind and under the back playfield glass receiver channel.

Step 6

Carefully peel off the white protective backing for the Magna-Mount system, paying attention to align the lights 1/16th inch below the channel and far enough back to hide the ribbon cable and to clear the backbox hinge.

Note:  DO NOT separate either of the sides the Magna-Mounts from the back of the light bar as it needs to be installed together as the magnetic polarity is set for proper mounting.  This is very important!

Press firmly all along the entire length of the light channel with your fingers to create maximum bonding. Repeat for the opposite side of the cabinet.  Take your time here as this is a vital part of the install to insure proper mounting.

Step 7 (Finished)

Restore the playfield to normal play position and replace the balls. Attach the Pin Stadium lights to their Magna-Mount backs on the side of the cabinet. Replace the playfield glass and lockbar.

**Important: Remember to always remove the lights and rest them on the playfield before raising your playfield. They will get potentially get damaged if you do not do this. Try to remind yourself as this is SUPER important especially since you are not used to doing this each time when raising your playfield. If you plan to raise the playfield to a vertical position then we suggest that you wedge the light bars on the playfield safely under a slingshot plastic or habitrail ball return above an inlane. Each machine is different and you will need to find a good spot on each machine to secure them.

FINISHED and Enjoy Upside Down mode like never before!!!

If you have the Pin Stadium “Things” Edition with the GI Wifi option (most do) then download and install the Pin Stadium app. Click Here!

Enjoy the light show and your new vision of your pinball machine! Please post up your impressions on the Pin Stadium Pinside thread as many others are really wanting to see and hear the results. It would be really great if you can take a picture in the dark of your machine with the lights OFF and then with them ON! Thank you again for your order and support of this product.  As always please do no hesitate to email me directly with any questions: [email protected]

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