Lord of the Rings Pinball Mods

Stern, 2003 Pinball Mods

Manufactured By: Stern Pinball, Inc.

Date: November 2003

Lord of the Rings Pinball Mods

The Lord of the Rings – Stern Pinball, Inc. – 2003

“The greatest fantasy of all time is now an epic pinball for the ages.”

Features Noted on the Official Stern Pinball Flyer:
+ Players can collect Souls on the Path of the Dead… an upper playfield.
+ The Balrog guards the jump ramp that leads to The One Ring.
+ Players bash on the angry Balrog.
+ The Two Towers: Orthanc and Barad-Dur. Players can knock down Barad-Dur to face the eye of Sauron.
+ The jump ramp launches the ball into The One Ring, and the magnet pulls it through.

Lord of the Rings pinball mods can provide the improvements your pinball machine deserves. Lord of the Rings pinball mods will transform your game into an ultimate light show experience while maintaining a stealth factory aesthetic.