Mafia Pinball Mods

Team Pinball, 2018 Pinball Mods

Manufactured By: Team Pinball

Date: July 2018

Mafia was introduced with a surprise announcement in July 2018 with 10 games ready to ship, a total run of 100 anticipated, and about 35 planned for US distribution. The introduction price was $7500 (US). The new boutique manufacturer, Team Pinball, consisted of various individuals whose past experience included working at Heighway Pinball and Zen Studios. Mafia is a single-level, standard sized, two flipper game without multiball, but has custom music, call-outs, RGB LEDs, and a color LCD display. It includes a custom driver board that is driven by a Raspberry Pi. The playfield artwork is reverse printed on hard plastic and overlayed on the plywood.