Medieval Madness (Remake – Standard) Pinball Mods

Chicago Gaming Co., 2015 Pinball Mods

Manufactured By: Chicago Gaming Company

Date: March 2015

Medieval Madness (Remake - Standard) Pinball Mods

Chicago Gaming Company made this game for Planetary Pinball Supply, Inc. using the Stern Pinball, Inc. factory to assemble the playfield and cabinet assemblies using both original specification Williams Medieval Madness parts and newly-designed CGC parts (electronics and lighting systems).

Recreated to the original game’s exacting standards, the Medieval Madness pinball remake contains several enhanced features not available on the original game, including modern electronics, fully adjustable color display, LED lighting, and class D digital audio amplifier. 

Medieval Madness Remake is available in three models specifically designed for each pinball marketplace level: Classic Edition, Special Edition, Limited Edition, the Royal Edition. ALL three models include numerous features that were never available and are exclusive to Medieval Madness Remake.

Pinball mods from Pin Stadium sync automatically with GI/Modes and are customized for Medieval Madness pinball remake. Pinball LED kits bring the action to life, including the motorized drawbridge, exploding castle, and pop-up trolls.