Twilight Zone Pinball Mods

Bally, 1993 Pinball Mods

Manufactured By: Bally Manufacturing Co.

Date: May 1993

Twilight Zone Pinball Mods

Twilight Zone is a wide-body Pinball Machine manufactured by Bally in 1993.

It is themed after the television series that was created by Rod Serling and which aired on American television from 1959-1964 originally. The game is often noted to be the game with the most patents (however Pinball Magic by Capcom has more), the most toys and the most over-cost budget in the history of pinball.

Main features include four flippers, a life-size gumball machine that locks balls inside, a mechanical clock with rotating arms, a mini playfield with invisible (magnet) flippers and a ceramic ball that is not affected by the game’s two stock magnets.

Twilight Zone is one of the most popular machines amongst home owners and many modifications (mods) are sold for it, including a robot toy, a real mini television screen, a flashing camera and more!

If you are looking for TWIPY award-winning twilight zone pinball mods, then you can’t go wrong with Pin Stadium products. Twilight zone pinball mods are designed to be compatible with the pinball machine. So, when players install the mods, the customized lighting syncs 100% with the factory light show – taking your gameplay to the next level.

These IFPA and PAPA-approved Twilight zone pinball mods are fully loaded with the Invisi-Shield 2.0 and come with complete plug-and-play installation instructions. Even with little expertise and no tools, you should be able to install our pinball LED kits in 10 to 15 minutes. It is important to note that if you ever go to sell or trade this machine, these twilight zone pinball mods are also easily transferred to other pinball machines too.

The RGB/Multi-colored lighting along with white GI lights can be controlled remotely through the free Pin Stadium Android or iOS app. These twilight zone pinball mods also come with a UV+Glow flasher and which auto-sync with the modes in the machine.