Pinball Mods and Their Vibrant Effect for Better Gaming Experience

It’s easier than ever to do pinball mods these days, thanks to the availability of all kinds of tools and accessories online. For example, you can quickly order pinball flasher bulbs and other lighting kits from Pin Stadium to light up your machine. Aside from lighting tricks, you can add many other bells and whistles to your beloved machine—and you can even build everything from scratch.

What exactly are pinball modifications?

A pinball ‘mod‘ refers to any change or addition made to a machine that wasn’t standard on the original production. A mod can be anything from simple toppers to additional pinball flasher bulbs or anything else that changes how the machine operates or looks. Almost anyone with some basic DIY skills can do mods, especially these days because mod kits are available.

How do mods affect your gaming experience?

Different modifications will affect your gaming experience in their own unique way, of course. Of all the mods available, lighting mods easily have the biggest impact on gameplay.

Some of the most common changes that enthusiasts do to their pinball machines are LED upgrades, where they switch out all standard incandescent bulbs to more efficient and more colorful LED bulbs. Lighting upgrades can be done anywhere on the machine—not just on the playfield. You can install under-cabinet lighting or backboard lighting kits, for example. You can also include additional illumination for making the playfield brighter, add LEDs for the backboxes, or even install lights into scoop holes.

Lighting modifications can dramatically change the vibrancy of the pinball machine and make playing much more fun. They also add functionality to the pinball machine, making everything brighter and easier to see and appreciate. And because they are not as hot as incandescent bulbs, you can be sure that the plastic components of your machine are not damaged. LED pinball lights are straightforward to install. Be sure to buy a kit from Pin Stadium. It will come with everything you need to make the project even easier.

Protection modifications can also improve your gaming experience. When you know that the weak points on your pinball machine are protected, you can play with more gusto. You don’t have to worry about delicate parts breaking or otherwise wearing down right away. One of the most common protection mods people do is to add washers to the corners of their machine’s slingshots and cover heavy wear areas with clear mylar. This protects them from breaking or getting worn down. You can also buy metal protectors that are specifically designed to prevent untimely wear and tear to the playfield.

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