NEO Concert Edition


The COMPLETE Ultimate Light Show for Jersey Jack Pinball Guns N Roses is HERE! (Works on all models of GNR SE/LE/CE)
Very LIMITED second run of only 50 shipping in October!

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**NEW** Doubles Lumi-Sync brightness and LED Count x2

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Eliminates need to remove lights when raising the playfield


The COMPLETE Ultimate Light Show for Jersey Jack Pinball Guns N Roses is HERE! (Works on all models of GNR SE/LE/CE)

Very LIMITED 2nd run of only 50 shipping in October

NOTE: The first run sold out in less than 2 days so act fast when ordering!!

Syncs 100% with the complete factory light show(GI and the side rail lights).  This kit is so factory integrated that you can even make the adjustments for Concert Editions inside of the JJP's system settings.  Of course you also have the awesome ability to individually adjust colors and brightness in the Pin Stadium app as always too.  However this kit already comes synced with colors and brightness to match the factory settings right out of the box.  Plug and GO!!!

You will not believe your eyes when you see this kit in action.  This kit creatively combines the cool factory "Player-Centric" design that shines the lighting up to the player's face but then takes the lightshow to the most important part, the playfield!!!  Every customer from the first run that has installed these will tell you to absolutely get them for the experience of a lifetime and then some.  5 out of 5 star rating!!!

The Pin Stadium Concert Editions are "Playfield-Centric" and it's the hottest thing we have released to date.  Satisfaction is more than guaranteed, you are going to smile from ear to ear with these installed on your GNR SE/LE/CE as it works on all models.

NEW Upgrade Option:  You can now make this kit an Ultra+ which doubles the brightness and LEDs count for the Lumi-Sync system using new technology that was recently developed for even more INCREDIBLE results.  In fact, it's unbelievable!!  No matter what option you choice, you will be happy but one option will make you even happier ;)

Pin Stadium Concert Edition combines the following:

Lumi-Sync Wifi RGBW/Multi Colored Flasher/GI LED System
UV+Glow Flasher
Invisi-Shield 2.0

What is the Xeno Mounts option?

These are stealth factory mounts that attach to the end of the Concert Edition light bars.  They work in conjunction with the Magna-Mounts so that you don't have to every remove the lights when raising the playfield.   Watch this video by Buffalo Pinball here to see how and why Kevin uses them

Quick FAQs:

What is UV+Glow?  This is a set of UV colored flasher that add dazzling effects     What is Lumi-Sync?  These are a Multi Colored Flasher(x4) and GI LED lighting system that will sync 100% with the "exact" patterns and colors of the machine with super impressive effects.  Your buddies will be jealous if you have this kit installed before they do.  It's hard to "unsee" after you experience it!

Simply type in the name of your machine and be sure to selected the correct model of Guns N Roses you own.

This kit is fully loaded complete with easy Plug & Play installation instructions (10-15 minutes), and no tools.  Powered by the all new Neo Plasma power supply for incredible eye boggling results.  Get ready to be blown away with this kit even more than what you are seeing already.  You will not how amazing this transformation is when you see Guns N Roses 3.0 as we like to call it. ;)

What the Neo Concert Editions(CE) are:

With our brand new “Playfield-Centric” design, they focus with precision on providing high quality illumination to the playfield of Guns N' Roses “concert stage”. This is where all of the action takes place anyways. Fueled by new Lumi-Sync technology which allows them to join forces with the Jersey Jack Pinball factory lighting effects, GI color changes, and lights patterns for song modes.

List of Benefits/Features:

  1. Increase factory lightshow experience by 3x
  2. Illuminated and balanced playfield lighting
  3. Eliminates glass reflections, shadows, and dark/hot spots
  4. Elevates artwork colors and vibrancy
  5. Improved ball visibility (vital for song modes where many players lose sight of the ball)
  6. Syncs 100% with GI color changes and side light patterns
  7. Configurable inside of the JJP factory settings menu (now that's integration!)
  8. Easy Plug & Play install using factory connectors

Reasons to buy:

Here are the reasons you will want to install the Neo Concert Editions into your JJP Gun's N Roses pinball machine:

Jersey Jack Pinball's side lighting on Guns N Roses would be what is described as a “Player-Focused” lighting system due to the upward facing playfield surface mount. The factory lights are intentionally designed this way to help assist the player with shot indications and to add visual pattern effects up to the player's eyes during various shots or song modes.

With just two small playfield spotlights, one located behind the lower flippers and one near the exit for the ball launch, this is where the Neo Concert Editions step in for much needed assistance and provide some extremely impressive results!!

***As with any aftermarket modification note that this product is not officially supported or endorsed by Jersey Jack Pinball in anyway, shape, or form and may void your original manufacturer warranty


1x Pair of Neo Concert Edition(CE) Light bars
GI/Flasher Cables
Alcohol wipes
2x Cable Clamps
"Y" Service Port splitter
Fusion Power Supply
Plasma Power Supply
Installation instructions

Free IOS and Android app for download