NEO Fusion


Neo Fusion is an RGB/Multi Colored(Hyperbeam Plus+ technology) + Full Spectrum White GI lighting kit PLUS Orion’s Belt Wifi controllable flasher system with the long awaited BLUR color Photon Merger (diffuser) combination for an ultra smooth factory lighting appearance that eliminates dots, stripes, or reflections of the LED light source.  Can you say factory stealth?  This is the flagship Pin Stadium product in our lineup and as always this kit is controllable with our free IOS and Android app.  Auto syncs with GI/Modes! Type in your pinball machine name so we know which one it is for.  If it does not show up in the lookup list, it’s okay just enter it as these work on any pinball machine.  We will know what you need 😉 24-7 Customer Service and “Same Day” Shipping during CovId-19!!

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The Ultimate Light Show is HERE!

Pin Stadium Fusion combines the following:

Pin Stadium WiFi RGB/Multi Colored(Hyperbeam+ technology)
Full Spectrum White GI lighting
BLUR Photon Merger
UV+Glow Flasher
Invisi-Shield 2.0
Orion's Belt: Multi Color WiFi Flasher System

This is an "All In One" every feature possible pair of lights bars with that ever popular stealth factory appearance. Auto syncs with GI/Modes!

See the Fusions in action on this video here and then follow it up with this one: here
Want to see the actual install and what Fusions look like? Click Here

These are the results you can expect on your machine, so be prepared to be blown away with our top of the line pinball mod FUSION!!!

This is the Fusion flagship of the Pin Stadium product line and they are going fast, order today!  Pin Stadium NEO is an RGB/Multi Colored(Hyperbeam+ technology) + Full Spectrum White GI lighting kit with the long awaited BLUR (diffuser) combination for a super smooth factory lighting appearance with stripes or reflections.  Controllable with our free IOS and Android app.  Auto syncs with GI/Modes!

*Note:  The NEO has new Wifi chip technology that allows you access to new menu views for some killer settings in the Pin Stadium app.  Dial in Cool White, Warm White, Sunlight, Natural White, and all new Diamond White.  Plus you can adjust them any color and brightness level you desire with one press of your finger.  The color wheel gives you over 16,000,000 colors to choose from along with some very popular presets for easy setup.  NEO also gives you the ability to adjust to any color of white spectrum also: Warm White, Cool White, Sunlight White, and Diamond White.

Quick FAQs:

What is UV+Glow?  This is a set of UV colored flasher that add dazzling effects     What are Hyperbeams?  They are brighter RGB(colored) LED Lights     What is Orion’s Belt?  They are a set of Wifi RGB controllable flasher lights that adds 4x flashers with super dazzling effects     What is BLUR?  This is a diffuser that makes for smooth balanced light on the playfield.

Simply type in the name of your machine and we will know what specific kit you need. Compatibility: Our kits work on any standard pinball machine new or old. We have tested and fitted these extensively on Stern (SAM/Whitestar/Spike 1/Spike 2), Bally/Williams DMD, Data East, JJP, Gottlieb, Spooky, Sega, Chicago Gaming, Dutch Pinball, Heighway Pinball, System 11, System 6, American Pinball etc.

This kit is fully loaded complete with easy Plug & Play installation instructions (10-15 minutes), no tools, and is easily transferable to any pinball machine.  Powered by the all new Neo Plasma power supply for incredible eye boggling results.  Get ready to be blown away with this kit ;)


1x Pair of Neo Fusion Light bars
GI/Flasher Cables
Alcohol wipes
2x Cable Clamps
"Y" Service Port splitter
Fusion Power Supply
Plasma Power Supply
Installation instructions

Free IOS and Android app for download