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Pin Stadium Lights


RGB(Multi Colored) + White GI lighting independently controllable with our free IOS and Android app with optional colored flasher integration upgrade.  Type in your pinball machine name so we know which one it is for.  If it does not show up in the lookup list it’s okay just enter it.  Pin Stadiums work on any pinball machine.  We will know what you need.

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SKU: p_stadium.
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Pin Stadium is an RGB(Multi Colored) + White GI lighting kit that is independently controllable with our free IOS and Android app with optional colored flasher integration upgrade.

Simply type in the name of your machine and we will know what specific kit you need. Compatibility: Our kits work on any standard pinball machine new or old. We have tested and fitted these extensively on Stern (SAM/Whitestar/Spike 1/Spike 2), Bally/Williams DMD, Data East, JJP, Gottlieb, Spooky, Sega, Chicago Gaming, System 11, System 6, American Pinball etc.

There are three selections when checking out.  Watch this video for the explanation and to see why (please note power connection method is now even easier with our Universal Power which is included with every kit!):

1. GI Module Plug-in allows you to connect the light bars and provides full integration of the Pin Stadium lights with your pinball machine by allowing the machine to gain control of the GI portion of our lights to create very rich synced cinematic and theatrical effects with modes as originally intended by the manufacturer.

2. Flasher option: The flasher integration option is compatible with all voltages of flasher lights which are standard in most pinball machines. You simply choose your color of flasher (UV+Glow is our most popular) and they come stealth mounted embedded next to the GI lights on our kits. This flasher option also works on any machine.

3. The Invisi-Shield is must have as it make the lights completely stealth from  the side view.

The Pin Stadium kit comes complete with easy plug and play installation instructions (10-15 minutes).  Note if you have a Chicago Gaming machine you will need to order this adapter cable for your service port.  Also some WPC/Williams/Bally machines need this also.  Just check your service port on the inside right side of your coin door and if you see a computer style plug then you need this:


Pair of Pin Stadium lights ready to install
1x Pin Stadium GI Module
2x Cable clamps
Alcohol wipes

Installation instructions

Free IOS and Android app for download

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 36 x 3 x 3 in