Our Pin Stadium Omega and Omega Plus+ “Factory Edition” White GI lighting independently controllable with our free IOS and Android app with the UV+Glow flasher.  Auto syncs with GI/Modes!  This has our latest long awaited BLUR technology for a super silky smooth even lighting of your playfield like never seen before.  UV+Glow flasher is included with the Omegas!  Type in your pinball machine name so we know which one it is for.  If it does not show up in the lookup list, it’s okay just enter it.  Pin Stadiums work on any pinball machine and we will know what you need.  24-7 Customer Service and “Same Day” Shipping during CovId-19!!


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Note:  This product has been replaced by our New and Improved Neo Pin Stadium available HERE


Pin Stadium Omega is the one of the latest pinball mod products that have been on the wish list of many collectors.  Truly a complete factory stealth look!

Embedded on these light bars are specially engineered high performance White GI LEDs that are WiFi controllable within the Pin Stadium app.  Auto syncs with GI/Modes!  You can adjust these from Warm White to Sunlight White within seconds. This is due to our specially designed custom LED chips that react with controllable voltage fluctuations to change their lighting color characteristic when using the brightness adjustment slider inside of the Pin Stadium app. UV+Glow flasher also included!

In place of the RGB lighting, our new BLUR technology is seamlessly integrated into the design to provide silky smooth lighting on ramps and plastics.

Inspired by our X-Stream style lighting used at by many popular streamers such as Jack Danger from DeadFlip and this will be in the upcoming Replay FX Pinburgh events next year.

These have been in development over the last 2 years these and with incredible advancements in technology we are now able to offer these for collector's pinball machines.  Liven up your playfield and artwork with a natural factory appearance. These are also perfect for classic EM machines too!!

Simply type in the name of your machine and we will know what specific kit you need. Compatibility: Our kits work on any standard pinball machine new or old. We have tested and fitted these extensively on Stern (SAM/Whitestar/Spike 1/Spike 2), Bally/Williams DMD, Data East, JJP, Gottlieb, Spooky, Sega, Chicago Gaming, Dutch Pinball, Heighway Pinball, System 11, System 6, American Pinball etc.

This kit is fully loaded and includes the UV+Glow Flasher along with Invisi-Shield 2.0 and comes complete with easy Plug & Play installation instructions (10-15 minutes), no tools, and is easily transferable to any pinball machine.


Pair of Pin Stadium lights ready to install
1x Pair of Light bars
GI/Flasher Cables
Alcohol wipes
2x Cable Clamps
Universal Power Supply
Installation instructions

Free IOS and Android app for download


Mini FAQs:

1. What is the difference between the Omega and the normal Pin Stadiums?

They both have the exact same features and benefits that we have all come to love.  The difference is that the Omega is designed for the individual that does not prefer the reflections and hologram effects (many refer to as stripes) that can occur on some machines in certain locations.  In order to do this the RGB lighting features has simply been exchanged with the BLUR technology and a custom set of white LEDs that were originally engineered for the X-Streams product (for streamers only).


2. What is BLUR and exactly how does it work?

BLUR is a custom designed diffuser that softens and evenly distributes the Pin Stadium lighting on the playfield for a movie set quality lighting effect.


3. What is special about the white LED's and can they be controlled in the Pin Stadium app also?

These are our commercial custom engineered/designed Pin Stadium LEDs that are film, photo, and video production grade but made just for your pinball machine.  The LEDs are able to be controlled in the app and you can adjust them from Warm White to Sunlight White thus allowing you to naturally bring out the artwork on your playfield specific to each game and your preferences for an original factory appearance.

It is no secret high performing LED lights are often favored among modern concert stage designers, filmmakers, and photographers. These Omega LEDS produce soft, even lighting thus making them a great investment for those of you serious about collecting pinball machines. Take your pinball machine to new levels with these top-performing LED lights influenced top designers in these industries. There is a whole new world to explore when it comes to LEDs and we have done all of that for you with all of the entire Pin Stadium product line!!