Stern Deadpool Pinball gets a Whole New Look With Pinstadium Lights.

The Deadpool pinball machine by Stern is one of the most exciting action-packed games around, especially for fans of the character. While it is an excellent pinball machine, it can definitely use some vital upgrades—particularly its factory lighting.

One of the common issues collectors have with the machine is the factory lighting system, which affects the overall look and feel of the playfield. The good news is that you can do something about it by using these lighted pinball mods. The perfect solution is to get high-quality pinball LED kits that can help make the playfield colors pop instead of looking dull and washed-out.

What’s wrong with factory Pinball lighting?

If you are currently settling for the standard factory lighting that comes with the Stern Deadpool Pinball, you are likely to notice harsh cool whites, dark reds, and many large areas that are not properly illuminated. These imperfections may seem insignificant, but looks and illumination matter a lot when it comes to enjoying a pinball game. By enhancing the factory pinball lights on your machine, you can improve the overall look and feel of the playfield and reveal new areas of the gorgeous colored artwork by Zombie Yeti.

Upgrading your Deadpool pinball machine

Stern Deadpool Pinball machine

High-quality pinball mods will let you enjoy your Deadpool pinball in a whole new light—literally. You’ll likely find a handful of led bulb options around, but Pin Stadium pinball LED kits are without a doubt the superior choice.  This is due to their RGB multi-colored and white GI lighting that can be controlled independently using their free Android or iOS app. The kit includes pinball light bars with the ever-popular embedded Wifi GI and UV+Glow flasher, along with all the essential parts you will need to complete the installation in just a few minutes

Pin Stadium mods are designed to work on any pinball machine, including Stern Deadpool Pro/Premium/Limited Edition. Lighting upgrades are among the most popular pinball mods in the DIY community because they are fairly easy and super fun to do.

Pinball Mods Installation

Pin Stadium pinball lights are ready to install. Each kit contains a pair of light bars, alcohol wipes, GI/Flasher cables, two cable clamps, and a universal power supply. Online easy to follow Installation instructions are also included. You can download the free app for your mobile device from Google Play or the App Store.  Even better is they will auto-sync with the factory light show!

Why Pin Stadium lights?

Discerning pinball fans and enthusiasts trust Pin Stadium pinball mods for their machines for the easy plug-and-play feature that can easily be installed on any machine. The patent-pending design dramatically improves the playfield and enhances Stern Deadpool pinball to unprecedented levels. With superior visibility and enhanced light show, you will transform this machine to an immersive experience that cannot be unseen.  Try some and you will be glad you did.  Satisfaction is guaranteed!!

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