Every avid horror film fan knows about the Halloween movie franchise, and if you are one of them, then Spooky Pinball’s latest creation will interest you. Halloween is a must-have pinball machine for every fan. Based on John Carpenter’s classic, it lets you relive the events in the movie via an exciting game put together by an amazing team. It comes in three versions: Standard Edition, Blood Sucker Edition, and Collector’s Edition. No matter what version you get, you can be able to enhance the machine’s look, feel, and gameplay with pinball mods by Pinstadium Lights.

Why you need Pin Stadium Lights for this machine


All editions of the Halloween Pinball come with seven pinballs, a triple  interactive Michael Myers hedge toy, and dual inline lifters. There are four custom stainless ramps, a Judith Meyers tombstone drop target ball lock, a lighted Jack-O-Lantern drop bank, and three upper playfields. 

Pinball LED kits can provide a more immersive gameplay in every playfield—including the Smith’s Grove Sanitarium, the house, and passive playfield. All Halloween pinball machines come with LED flashers, a sculpted pumpkin with a flasher inside, and player facing interactive RGB lighting. Pin Stadium Lights playfield focused lights will balance out the playfield lighting equally, thus removing the hot spots and darker area in the center and near the flippers where the factory lighting is not properly reaching.  This is the most important section of any pinball machine for players and will be vital for this machine since the lights are facing the player and focus on the upper sections of the game.  There are also many sections on the upper playfields with hot and dark sections, near the flippers too.  You will also be able to see the ball better no matter where it is in the playfield, thus fully enhancing your entire playing experience along with helping to remove the individual LED ramp reflections, playfield, plastic reflections(see pics) that come from the interactive factory lighting.

You will want to be able to fully appreciate the artwork and visuals of this beautiful Halloween pinball with the standard factory lighting. It can be frustrating to miss out on those vital pieces of hand drawn art or that key shot because certain areas are overly bright in some sections and insufficiently lit in others.  This machine has a great lightshow programmed into it so you will want to get the most out of it as possible to do the machine justice.  As always, Pin Stadium has something up it’s sleeve and will take advantage of this and come to the rescue.  Spooky has worked very hard to create this amazing machine and we recommend you picking one up to experience their quality craftsmanship and gameplay.

Do you record or stream your gameplay or just want an incredibly lit machine? Then it’s even more important to enhance the lighting with Pin Stadium’s pinball lights. It can be difficult to rely on exterior lighting to brighten up the playfield because it will reflect on the glass and cause glare. You will see that the Spooky preview videos of the Halloween pinball machine have exterior LED lighting on tripods to properly illuminate the playfield evenly.  By installing our lighted pinball mods in the machine, you will have a brighter playfield that will show perform superb on camera without any need for exterior lighting.

Features of Pin Stadium Lights

Halloween-Pinball-Machine-Gets-An-Astonishing-New-Look-With-Pinstadium-LightsPin Stadium Lights are pinball LED kits with RGB or multicolored lights and white GI lighting that can be independently controlled from an app on your Apple or Android smartphone. A kit has the UV+Glow flasher, and the lights auto sync with GI/Modes. The fully loaded kit also includes the Invisi-Shield 2.0.

A kit contains a pair of light bars, alcohol wipes, a universal power supply, and two cable clamps. Installation instructions are already provided to avoid any guesswork.


Pin Stadium pinball lights are IFPA and PAPA approved. They are designed, fitted, and tested to work on a wide range of machines, including Spooky Pinball’s Halloween. They are easy to install, as they are designed for plug-and-play ease. In fact, it’s possible to finish installation in 10 to 15 minutes without any special tools.

Do you have another pinball machine that you think needs improvement in terms of aesthetics? Don’t worry—the pinball mods are easily transferable. Better yet, why not get another Pinstadium pinball LED kit for your other favorite pinball machines? They all deserve high-quality lights that will enhance gameplay.

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