Top 3 Lighting Pinball Mods To Buy in 2021

Is your favorite pinball machine looking a bit dull, with washed-out colors or dim playfield? Or perhaps its factory lighting system has reached its end of life or had no life to begin with? No matter the issue, it can easily be resolved by pinball mods. These custom modifications will dramatically enhance the playfield’s overall look and feel of the pinball machine. Mods can be anything from new toppers to playfield features and pinball LED kits—basically anything that can change or improve how your machine looks or operates.

Improving upon the factory pinball bulbs is one of the easiest and most cost-effective upgrades you can do to your machine. These days, there are many different types of illumination options to choose from, but it is still best to stick to proven products that are trusted by discerning pinball collectors. Here are the top three pinball mods you can consider buying this year:

1. Neo Fusion

Neo Fusion Pinball Mods

These RGB or multi colored lights come with a full spectrum white GI lighting kit and the Orion’s Belt Wi-Fi controllable flasher system and BLUR color Photon Merger (diffusion). The pinball lights feature Hyperbeam Plus+ technology, too. The combination of these features results in an ultra-smooth factory lighting look while eliminating glass reflections, stripes, and dots from the LED light source. Think of it as ‘factory stealth’.

Neo Fusion pinball bulbs are controllable via an app on your smartphone or tablet, and they sync automatically with GI/Modes. The integration of a new Wi-Fi chip technology also lets you access the latest menu views to modify the settings on the app. You can choose Natural White, Warm White, Cool White, Sunlight, and the newest Diamond White, or adjust the lights in any brightness level or color with just a few taps. There are more than 16,000,000 colors to choose from on the color wheel, but you can also pick from the popular presets to easily set up the pinball lights.

2. Neo Pin Stadium

Neo Pinstadium

Neo pinball LED kits to feature RGB/Multi Colored (Hyperbeam Plus+ Technology) with Full Spectrum White GI lighting kit and the BLUR diffusion combination, resulting in a super-smooth factory lighting look without stripes and reflections, from the LEDs.

Avid pinball collectors often refer to this as their ‘Holy Grail’ of pinball mods.

You can control the lights using the free Android or iOS app. The mod also syncs automatically with GI/Modes.

3. Pin Stadium


Featuring the RGB (multi-colored) + White GI lighting, Pin Stadium will provide your machine with attractive pinball bulbs that can be controlled from an Android or iOS app. The kit also includes the UV+Glow flasher, and it will auto-sync with GI/Modes.

These pinball lights are PAPA/IFPA approved, and TWIPY award-winning so you can be confident in their build quality and the huge results they bring to your pinball machine.


Where to get these pinball lights

All of these pinball mods are available exclusively from Pin Stadium. They are fitted and tested on different pinball machines by Stern, Spooky, Sega, Bally/Williams DMD, Dutch Pinball, American Pinball, Gottlieb, JJP, Data East, and more.

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