Metallica Pinball Mods

Released in 2013, the Stern Metallica pinball machines are coveted collector’s items that honor one of the top rock bands in the world. The lightning-fast action and music makes it seem like you’re in one of Metallica’s live concerts. The machine features 12 classic and well-known tracks in aggressive tempos to set the tone for this amazing machine.. If you own one and would like to improve it even further, then you can always buy Metallica pinball mods to make it better.

Are you starting to notice the lighting in your machine is not bright enough? Perhaps the artwork looks not as vibrant and attractive as it could be, especially in the center and in various parts where the factory lights are unable to reach? No worries, you can install Metallica pinball mods in your machine to give it a new life and more immersive! 

Where can you find Metallica pinball mods online?

Metallica Pinball Mods

Pin Stadium Lights offers some of the best modding options you’ll find in the market today. We currently have three products you can choose from:, Pin Stadium, Neo Pin Stadium,and Neo Fusion.

These Metallica pinball mods offer never-before-seen results that lets you see the entire playfield more clearly. With a well-illuminated playfield, you can easily track the ball and improve your shots/mode progress.  Plus it will look super impressive!! 


What makes our Metallica pinball mods special?

Metallica Pinball Machines

Pin Stadium pinball mods will also bring your machine into the future. They are integrated with Wi-Fi chip technology, which lets you access menu views and advanced settings in the Pin Stadium app. You can set the adjust the color and brightness level to any level you desire. The independent control system lets you create multiple white light settings such as sunlight, cool, warm, and a special diamond white, and RGB colors. Now you can customize your Metallica pinball machine’s look according to your theme preferences or preferred mood.  Plus they automatically sync with the factory lightshow and as a result will enhance it to unprecedented levels.

Before and After results of Pin Stadium Lights

Metallica Pinball Mods by Pin Stadium Lights

The dramatic effect of our Metallica pinball mods are amazing. They will make the game come to life and make your machine look and feel better than it was brand new.

Aside from providing proper illumination, the new LED lights can help to heavily reduce.  In most cases completely remove unsettling glass reflections/glare so you can see and play better—and ultimately get higher scores/progress. The mods will also increase the value of the machine, which is great if you’re thinking about trading or selling it one day. 

In addition, it can be moved from that machine and into any other one you may get too.  

Easy to install and use

Each kit has all the things you will need for a quick and easy DIY installation, which can be accomplished in about 10 to 15 minutes.  You don’t need special skills or tools. In fact, many of our buyers have never modified a pinball machine before but are able to install our kits quickly, all by themselves.  As always you can feel confident having our 24/7 tech support with super fast response times.  No worries, we have you covered.

Metallica pinball mods by Pin Stadium Lights are complete playfield kits that are designed to deliver the best quality lighting possible. Our patent-pending design can brighten the entire pinball playfield and add brilliant flasher effects to your machine. Our lights integrate seamlessly into both new and classic machines while retaining a stealth factory appearance. Order them on our website today.

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