Illuminate Stern Game Of Thrones Pinball Machine With NEO Pin Stadium Lights

Are you a fan of Game of Thrones and you are looking for some of the ultimate fandom merch to add to your collection? Look no further than the pinball machine by Stern. The Game of Thrones pinball was introduced in late 2015, and it has everything you could expect from a Steve Ritchie classic—including fast gameplay and smooth ball flow. However, if you are not satisfied with the machine’s standard features, you can install pinball mods by Pin Stadium to make the experience much better.

What’s in the pinball machine?

Game Of Thrones pinball machine

Stern’s Game of Thrones pinball lets you side with your preferred house, each with its own unique effect on the game play. Each house on the big shield in the heart of the playfield can be picked except House Targaryen. Here’s a quick run-through of what each house can bring to the game:




  • House Baratheon – Lets you advance towards the Battle for the Wall
  • House Greyjoy – Lets you plunder the abilities of other houses
  • House Lannister – Lets you earn more gold
  • House Martell – Provides an add-a-ball during multiball
  • House Stark – Boosts the value of ‘Winter is Coming’
  • House Tyrell – Boosts combo multiplier

Flipper buttons allow you to cycle through every house, then you can either press the action button or plunge the ball to lock your selection in. You will be playing a Knight of your preferred family house and choose other houses to fight with.

Rory McCann, who plays Sandor Clegane or The Hound in the series, will guide you throughout the game. The objective of the game is to rule all of Westeros’ Seven Kingdoms.

Transform your Game of Thrones pinball experience with NEO Pin Stadium Lights

The experience of finding your way to the Iron Throne will be better when you equip your Game of Thrones pinball with the NEO Pin Stadium Lights.

Made by Pin Stadium, these pinball LED kits provide a mesmerizing gameplay experience that will make you feel as though you are actually in the world created by George R.R. Martin. No matter what version of the machine you own (Pro, Premium, or Limited Edition), Pin Stadium’s pinball lights lets you customize the game to suit your taste.

Before and After effects on Game of Thrones pinball machine

Game Of Thrones pinball machine before and after

NEO Pin Stadium lights are pinball mods that will brighten up the play field of the Game of Thrones pinball machine and eliminate the appearance of stripes, dots, and reflections. The better illumination can make it easier to see the ball and improve clarity while streaming or recording your gameplay on video.



Unique features of NEO Pin Stadium

Not all pinball LED kits are created equal. NEO Pin Stadium is a multicolored full-spectrum white GI lighting kit with Hyperbeam Plus+ technology, 2x the LEDs, and the BLUR diffuser to achieve ultra-smooth factory lighting results. It auto-syncs with GI/Modes, and it can be controlled with Pin Stadium’s free Android or iOS app. You can choose from more than 16,000,000 colors to customize your Game of Thrones pinball experience.

NEO pinball lights installs with plug-and-play ease. Everything you need comes in a complete kit with the UV+Glow flasher and Invisi-Shield 2.0. Best of all, they are easy to transfer from your Game of Thrones pinball to another machine, if you like.

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