GODZILLA Pinball Mods

Stern’s Godzilla pinball is an action-packed game that will immerse you in the world of Kaiju. Together with Godzilla’s allies—namely Mothra, Anguirus, and Rodan—your mission is to prevent the Xilien invasion and conquer Mechagodzilla to become the King of the Monsters.

The stunning playfield of the Limited Edition and Premium models of Stern’s Godzilla pinball machine even come with a motor that actuates the skyscraper to divert the balls through each of the five stories as it collapses and locks the three balls on the roof for a superb multiball event. There’s also a collapsing bridge ramp, which is guarded by a custom Godzilla figure to divert the pinballs back to the flipper via dropping the balls off the bridge onto the playfield while the multiball Bridge Attack occurs.

Do you own this machine(or have one on order) and want to improve the visibility of the playfield and take the gameplay to an exciting new level? You’ll be happy to hear that there are pinball mods available to help you do exactly that. Upgrade your game with pinball mods by Pin Stadium to brighten up the view and liven up your gaming experience.

Make your gameplay better

Upgrading your machine with one of the pinball LED kits by Pin Stadium will not only brighten up your playfield artwork by Zombie Yeti, but it will also give you an entertaining light show for a more exceptional gameplay. 

Not sure which pinball lights will suit your Godzilla machine? Check out Neo Fusion Ultra+. It is an app controllable full RGB color spectrum with white GI lighting kit that includes the remarkable Orion’s Belt Wi-Fi controllable flasher system and the BLUR color Photon Merger diffuser. Pin Stadium’s flagship product will bring your pinball machine to life and make Godzilla’s battles with King Ghidorah, Megalon, Ebirah, Titanosaurus, and Gigan even more fun and heart-pounding!

Benefits of upgrading the latest Godzilla pinball with Neo Fusion Ultra+

GODZILLA Pinball ModsPin Stadium’s Neo Fusion Ultra+ can give your Godzilla pinball an amazing boost of color. The GI and flasher come with our new Dual BLUR system and double the amount of LEDs for brilliant color flashing effects. Once installed, these pinball mods offer an outstanding factory stealth appearance that looks like it came installed on the machine from the factory. The mods are controllable from an Android or iOS app, which is free to download and install. You can sync them with GI/Modes, too!

It’s hard to go wrong with Pin Stadium’s Neo Fusion Ultra + when you’re looking for pinball LED kits that are easy to install. This all-in-one kit comes with everything you will need for a simply no tools Plug & Play DIY installation, including easy-to-follow instructions on the website which include video walkthroughs. If you have another pinball machine besides a Stern Godzilla, these pinball mods are also designed to be compatible with the other ones in your collection. Or better yet, you can get that machine its own set these pinball lights too! Once you see what is possible it is hard to go back to stock factory pinball lighting.

From the app, you access a wide range of settings for the lights such as Sunlight, Cool White, and Diamond White. Each setting is adjustable in terms of brightness level and color with just one tap. Over 16,000,000 colors are found in the color wheel so you should quickly find the look that you need. The Neo Fusion Ultra+ auto syncs with the factory lightshow which makes the results and install a no brainer. Not sure what color settings to use? Use any of the popular presets and you’re good to go. Get ready to unleash your Godzilla!!

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