Monster Bash Pinball Mods

Monster Bash—the highly anticipated game from Chicago Gaming Company (licensed by Bally and Williams)—has been earning a growing fan base of pinball mod fans who will stop at nothing to achieve the ultimate gaming experience. Pinball mods for this classic remake are designed to enhance this machine in a way that far exceeds the standards of the original design. From modern electronics to LED pinball machine lights, there are all sorts of mod kits that you will find in today’s market—mods that will help you create a unique pinball experience reminiscent of the old times, but with the quality and feel of brand new technology.

There are all sorts of mods that you can install on this Monster Bash pinball machine. From custom toppers to powder coating for the rails and pinball legs, adding Universal Monster figurines, there are endless possibilities to what you can do to step it up another notch.

But of the many pinball mods that you can do to your Chicago Gaming Company Monster Bash Remake (MBR), pinball machine lights remain to be the most striking, mainly because of the stunning effects that LED lights produce.

Interactive playfield general illumination is possible with the right LED mod kits. Some pinball mods allow for unique lighting set-ups so that each monster has individual lights, adding to their eerie performance.

You might want to even add a plasma disk in Dr, Frankenstein’s lab to increase power to Dr. Frankenstein. An enhanced sound system is also a worthwhile addition such as adding a subwoofer. Like any other pinball machine, the sound is a crucial component of the Monster Bash gaming experience. Adding a digital amplifier with coaxial speakers and a woofer will provide you immersive sound —one that can be adjusted for a fully controlled audio experience.

Monster Bash Pinball Mods

Many machines nowadays feature interactive RGB (color-changing lighting) light bulbs that are a factory feature, which helps create an even more immersive and interactive gaming experience.  Despite the excellent lighting on this machine, it can benefit dramatically from additional lighted pinball mods to help remove the dark sections.

Pin Stadium Lights is an authority when it comes to vintage, classic, and brand new pinball machine upgrades.  They are a great resource for pinball machine lights and other pinball mods.  Pin Stadium Lights offers mods for a wide range of pinball machines including this and they will truly enhance this already amazing Monster Bash pinball machine’s lighting guaranteed. 

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