How to Modify Your Pinball Machine

Pinball mods come in many forms. Depending on your pinball machine type and model, you will find a range of different modifications that you can apply to your playfield and your machine in general. 

These modifications may seem too technical for an ordinary person to pull off, but don’t be scared—you can do them yourself. Manufacturers of mod kits offer assemblies, parts, and components that are easy enough to install and are virtually fool-proof so even non-tech-savvy machine owners can do modifications successfully and without encountering complex technical issues. 

This said, you should never open up your pinball cabinet or tinker with your playfield or the game’s circuit board if you don’t know enough about the ins and outs of your system. Be sure to do your research online. Just the same, pinball LED kits are probably the simplest types of mods you can install, making them a great entry point to more involved conversions in the future. 

Pinball LED Bulbs and the Playfield

The condition of your machine’s playfield greatly affects the resale value of your unit. It is easy enough to maintain and clean a pinball machine’s playfield, so long as you can access it under the cover glass. Your playfield consists of a long list of small components and parts that need proper maintenance and sometimes require replacement. From the flippers to the plastic ramps, rubber rings, and switches, it is important to make sure that all these critical components are properly maintained and are in good working condition before applying any modification or conversion. 

Spotlights and light bulbs tend to burn out over time. For the most part, however, they are easy to replace and convert to more reliable pinball LED bulbs—you only need to identify the type of bulbs that your machine uses to know how to go about their replacement or if they can be converted as easily using pinball LED kits. Any machine can be converted with the right tools and pinball mods, but you have to use the right approach when removing or replacing light bulbs to prevent damage to the game’s circuitry.

Pinball LED bulbs can be substituted for any standard pinball light bulb. They offer the advantage of using less power and therefore run much cooler yet are brighter than their traditional counterparts. Light from LED spotlights can likewise be focused, although some strobing or flicking may be observed.

Pin Stadium’s Pinball LED Kits

Pinball LED lighting from Pin Stadium are perfect replacements for original/traditional filament bulbs that typically come standard with pinball machines. Pinball LED offers more vibrant and brighter lighting options and they burn cooler, which means they are easier and gentler on your playfield’s plastic parts. They will not cause the playfield to yellow over time.

Pin Stadium offers a range of pinball mods and lighting kits for easy installation and use with your pinball machine. The customizations that you can apply on your machine have no limits and switching to LED lighting is one of the easiest pinball mods you can apply without permanently altering your machine as you can easily switch back or switch to different lighting should you prefer a new look for your playfield

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