Star wars Comic Art Premium by Stern Pinball

As a fan, how much do you love Star Wars? If you like collecting official and one-of-a-kind things, then you may want to consider getting the Star Wars Comic Art Premium pinball. Designed and manufactured by Stern Pinball, it is the latest version of the Star Wars pinball which was released in 2017. If you missed out on that, now is a good time to score the new version. Even if you already have the original 2017 Star Wars machine, you may want to consider updating its look with pinball mods by Pin Stadium for either style of machine.

The original game featured the artwork made by different artists collaborating with Lucasfilm. The challenge was creating a design that the licensor would find acceptable to match their Star Wars universe creations. That was one of many very important aspects that Stern Pinball had to consider when designing this awesome pinball machine. They decided to revisit their first creation to provide a completely refreshed art package.

Instead of using movie-based designs that were prominent on the first models, Stern Pinball took a new direction. Randy Martinez, the artist, drew the new look based on the comic universe of Star Wars. Randy himself is a well-known and respected comic book artist who has over 30 years of experience in his craft, and 20 of those years are dedicated to making designs for Lucasfilm.

Randy has been making caricatures, cartoons, 3D art, paintings, and illustrations for Lucasfilm since 1999. His art initially appeared in a Star Wars Kids Magazine before he started making caricatures and cartoons for the Star Wars Insider. He was picked to make the official key art for the Star Wars Celebration IV, Celebration Europe, and Celebration V.

About the machine

Star wars Comic Art

Stern Pinball, Inc. is a well-known brand associated with the fun and modern American-style pinball. Their Star Wars Comic Art Premium pinball game celebrates the iconic comic art and design inspired by the world from a galaxy far, far away.

Gary Stern, the CEO and Chairman of Stern Pinball, Inc. believes that both Star Wars and pinball fans will be impressed by the machine featuring hand-drawn comic artwork, which is stunning and able to capture all the things an avid Star Wars fan could ever wish for in a pinball machine.

Pro and Premium models, available

You can get the Star Wars Comic pinball game as a Premium or Pro model. Each model has its own unique and distinctive backbox design, translite, and cabinet. The original (non-comic) Limited Edition of the first Star Wars pinball has 800 units produced in total, and Stern decided not to make a second LE modelfor the Comic Art style version.  So there is only one LE version of the Star Wars pinball machines.

The Pro version’s translite and cabinet are focused on lightsaber battles, and the Premium machine is focused on destroying the Death Star. The artwork on the playfield is all new, yet similar on both Pro and Premium models. Take note, however, that the artwork on the sides of the cabinet and decals on the apron are different.

The layout on the playfield was left unchanged from the first Star Wars pinball. Graphics and the animations on the LCD displays were also unchanged, so they still feature clips from the first three Star Wars movies instead of the storylines from the animated comic.

Both models of the Star Wars Comic Art Premium pinball have the same price tags as the previous machine released in 2017. The Pro machine costs $5,999 and the Premium machine is $7,599. That makes either or both of them a great investment for avid Star Wars fans like yourself.

Breathe new life into your Star Wars pinball games

Star Wars fans who already have the 2017 version can consider updating its look with pinball mods from Pin Stadium. Those who are not satisfied with the look and feel of the Star Wars Comic Art Premium pinball game may also consider installing the Pin Stadium new LED lights kits.

Pin Stadium’s pinball mods are simple, plug-and-play upgrades that can be installed in just 10 minutes on any machine, including the Stars Wars pinball machines. The patent-pending design will brighten the entire playfield while providing dramatic flasher effects to the machine. All of the lights on the kit are controllable via your Android or iPhone where you can adjust colors and brightness to your liking. The lights auto-sync with the factory light show for some brilliant light shows. This way, your Star Wars pinball can have an enhanced look without affecting its factory look. You can now play with a vividly illuminated playfield with the artwork coming alive for more immersive gameplay and higher scoring due to increased visibility of the ball. You can’t beat that!!

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