Pinball machine light bulbs vs Pinball LED Lights

The factory lighting systems that come with most older pinball machines fall short for players who want properly illuminated playfields that can enhance their gameplay. Does this sound like you? Then it may be time to swap out those pinball machine light bulbs with high-quality LED lighting. 

The problem with incandescent pinball bulbs

Most older pinball machines are fitted with incandescent bulbs that are notorious for drawing more power and generating a lot of heat. They can cause the artwork on the machine’s playfield to fade and strain the circuit board. Incandescent bulbs use a lot of energy, too—which means that you’re likely to see a spike in your energy bill if you play regularly for several hours.

Heat from regular pinball machine light bulbs may likewise cause the plastic parts to warp and the inserts to rise or sink. Flaking may occur on the artwork on the backbox or backglass. All of this damage can be expensive to repair.

Which is the better pinball lighting?

Pinball led bulbs vs pinball led lightsWith incandescent pinball machine light bulbs causing more trouble than they’re worth, switching to LED lights is definitely a good idea. It’s a cost-effective upgrade. LED lighting tends to have a longer lifespan, which means you won’t have to replace them as frequently as incandescent bulbs. Upgrading your machine with LED pinball mods can virtually eliminate the common issues associated with incandescent bulbs, including burnt connectors and other problems caused by prolonged operation or use.

The problem with factory LED bulbs

All new pinball machines come with LED bulbs.  Due to their placement(mounted low to the playfield) and design, the playfield still remains very dark and has only “hot spots” where the lights are. 

When’s the last time you went to a sporting event and the lights were mounted lower than the players on the field while you sat up above them in your seat?  Well this is factory pinball lighting for you.

Benefits of using pinball LED lights

Pinball Lights

  • Stream your gameplays – Do you like showing your gameplays on YouTube or on social media? The problem with standard pinball machines is that they show uneven lighting, shadows, and dark spots. Factory lighting may not provide sufficient illumination for filming or live streaming your gameplay. You definitely need to upgrade to pinball LED lights to see that artwork and to obtain precision shots.  Better lighting will also make the artwork more vivid and virtually removes the glare and reflection on the glass.
  • Run tournaments or have get togethers with very visible and impressively lit playfields.  Tournament players love seeing the ball to help with their shots and casual players will be dazzled by the brilliance.
  • Keep your machine cool – LED lights are more energy efficient and operate at reduced temperatures, so they won’t heat up the playfield and cause problems like the artwork fading and parts warping. This could protect the life of the connectors and the machine board, too.
  • Enjoy higher scores – Of course, when you can see the playfield better, you can track the ball well. With LED lights, it will be easier to beat your own high scores!

Where can you get pinball LED lights?

When you’re ready to upgrade your pinball machine light bulbs with LED lights, you can always count Pin Stadium Lights. Our pinball LED kits are easy to install. They are designed to illuminate the entire playfield—even the most challenging corners of the machine.

Do you have a modern pinball machine that already comes with LED lights, but you’re not satisfied with them because of their design and placement? Our LED lighting kits and pinball mods can improve those dimly lit playfields too. You can even configure the colors and brightness from our app, so it’s easy to customize the look and feel of your playfield according to your preferences.

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