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These professional industry grade mobile streaming Pin Stadium lights are custom engineered and designed for pinball streaming.  These are the lights that are featured in the Pinburgh Replay FX Final 12 stream!!

They designed with the highest quality custom engineered special array of Pin Stadium Warm White LED's dialed in to a pinpointed color lighting temperate for optimal results for streaming cams.  The general illumination is controlled wirelessly via our GI module PCB which integrates with out Pin Stadium iPhone/Android app.  These lights have a unique features know as  target lock lighting(always on) for best camera results.  Adjust brightness on the fly anywhere you are with it's self generating Wifi source (no internet needed).  Even better they are super versatile and mount on the outside of the pinball machine (literally in seconds) on either side (on the rails) using our Magna-Mount system.  Just slap them on and when you are done move the onto the next machine as there is nothing to install on anything.  Perfect for on the go bars and arcades.  Wow!!!

All you need is a standard wall outlet or if you are mobile and don't have that we recommend one of these Power Cans to add to your mobile streaming arsenal for up to 3 hours of wireless power using these lights.

One of the best things about the lights is the “Face Glow” feature (just ask Jack and he mounts these vertical on the sides of the rails, not facing down for best results when streaming) which allows you to stream in complete darkness.  So no other lighting is needed whatsoever.  Light your playfield and face with the softest and brightness glow you have ever seen.  Toss away those clunky and awkward lighting rigs for good.

For a limited time we are including FREE the high quality Pin Stadium X-Stream carrying case for those on the go!

*Please note that you must be a Twitch.tv streamer or tournament director to be able to purchase these lights due to demand and limited supply.  Please be sure to put in the "Notes" of your order your Twitch account link and are identifying IFPA director city/state location with email so we can verify your title.  A very limited amount of these will be made with the sole purpose to assist those who are helping to spread the word of pinball to everyone.


The only thing we ask is if you use these lights on stream or in competition that you display a Pin Stadium logo on your streams when they are in use.  This will also let your viewers know that they will be getting the best professional viewing experience possible.  Also this helps us out a great deal by allowing us to continue to grow to support/sponsor amazing groups in our industry such as SDTM, Buffalo Pinball, PAPA, IFPA, Project Pinball, Dead Flip, This Week in Pinball(TWIP),Special When Lit, FlipNout Pinball, and many more.  Thank you for all of your efforts, because we know that streaming is not easy and this is going to add a significant boost to the quality of your streams guaranteed!!

PAPA and Dead Flip Approved.  What more could you want? ;)  Special thanks to Jack Danger for helping to provide some really great ideas and tips, along with heavy testing to make sure these perform to the highest standards!!


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