Spider Man Pinball

Spider-Man is one of the most popular Marvel superheroes, so it’s no surprise that he has a pinball machine. Developed and made by Stern, this pinball machine quickly triggered the spider senses of fans and pinball enthusiasts alike. The latest Stern Spider-Man Vault Edition pinball was made in honor of the Ultimate Spider-Man and is a follow-up game to the Spider-man pinball the company released in 2007. It’s a great machine—but you can certainly upgrade it make the “Ultimate” pinball machine 😉

What sets this game apart from other Spider-Man pinball machines?

You get the same amazing gameplay that made the original popular with fans, but with a brand-new look and feel. Stern’s Spider-Man pinball was re-themed with distinctively new animations, comic artwork, toys, and an outstanding audio package. The machine comes with a new art package; the playfield plastics, decals, back glass, and cabinet design are all based on the images from the actual Ultimate Spider-Man comics library of Marvel. The custom-molded toys that come with the game are specifically decorated and designed to capture the art style, along with the new dot matrix (DMD) video animations are designed around the comic art.

All characters have brand new custom sound effects and speech, and modes that integrate very nicely with the Ultimate Spider-Man universe theme. This pinball machine also features Webslinger-themed laser-cut side armor that comes with a black powder coat and contrasting color inserts. Along with the original score are two new music tracks.

Dark spots and visibility

There may be a lot of improvements on durability based on the research conducted on the original game’s LED playfield lighting and field experience, but for some players, those upgrades could be better. This is where using pinball LED kits make sense.

Pin Stadium offers custom LED light kits that can work with any pinball game, including Stern’s Spider-Man pinball. With better lighting, you will be able to view the playfield clearly while giving your machine a well-deserved update.

Low illuminated section occur anywhere on the playfield of any pinball machine, particularly in the center rear areas. Your machine may have come with bright LED lights in its brand-new state, but the lighting on new machines sit so low on the playfield that they are unable to properly illuminate the pinball machine.  You will benefit tremendously from a lighting upgrade.  Be sure to check out Pin Stadium’s pinball LED kits.

More ways to mod Stern Spider-Man Pinball

A pinball modification is any addition or changes you can make to your machine that was not standard on its original factory version. Here are some of the ways that you can mod your Spider-Man pinball (or other pinball machines too):

  1. Pinball flasher bulbs

Pin Stadium Fusion comes with a Wi-Fi GI lighting system and a UV+Glow Flasher. It features an Orion’s Belt multi-color Wi-Fi flasher system that syncs automatically with machine’s flashers and modes. It’s easy to install, as Pin Stadium makes plug-and-play kits that should be ready in about 15 minutes with no need for special tools.

  1. Pinball toppers

 These mods come in different designs ranging from simple to elaborate, so you should be able to find the right topper that will suit Stern Spider-Man Pinball. A new topper can be the icing on the cake for enhanced look of the machine or completely give it a different kind of style that matches your taste.

Spider-Man Pinball


  1. New sound

Adding new voices and music to the machine is a great way to refresh the experience of playing Spider-Man pinball in 2020. You can program the new sound to sync with the lighting you installed from the pinball LED kits.

  1. Update the flippers

Flippers on the Stern’s Spider-Man Pinball are hard-working parts that deal with bouncing balls—and they will eventually wear down. Apart from considering pinball LED kits, look into new flippers and rubbers, too. Ideally, flippers need to be changed after a million hits. Be sure to replace your machine with new pinballs as well. Remember that the ball must be spherical and perfectly shiny, as any dent or damage can affect the quality of your playfield causing it to wear down prematurely.

  1. Invest in high-quality protection

 Look for weak points and delicate parts on the machine and make sure they are protected well. That way, you can play with no holds barred. Adding washers to the corners of the slingshots is a good modification. You could also use clear mylar to cover areas that are likely to wear down easily.

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