JJP Guns N Roses Pinball Machine

As a big Guns N’ Roses fan, it is only natural for you to collect a wide variety of the band’s merchandise. Of the biggest collectibles you might already have is the Jersey Jack Pinball (JJP) Guns N’ Roses pinball machine, whether in Standard, Limited, or Collectors’ Edition. Regardless of what edition you own, know that there are ways you can upgrade it with the right pinball mods or LED kits, so you can keep the playfield well-lit and give some brand-new life, look, and feel to your pinball machine.

Why upgrade your JJP GNR pinball machine?

As a collector, you might be wondering how pinball LED kits might affect the value of your prized collectible and how they can improve your play.

The factory lights that came with your JJP Guns N’ Roses pinball machine are nice and makes the game a fun experience. However most owners of GNR, rather than settling for the factory only pinball lights, are considering high-quality LED upgrade kits that will improve the playfield, evenly balance the playfield illumination and light show, while additionally elevating the gaming experience to a new level. That will also make it easier for you to stream your machine online on platforms such as Twitch or Youtube, etc.

One thing to keep in mind is that the factory lights that Jersey Jack Pinball has on the sides of the bottom of the playfield are player focused and not there to provide direct playfield lighting as the Pin Stadiums are designed for this purpose. They help players to know where to shoot and also shine up on the players face to add an extra element to the music.
It is very important to clarify the complete polar opposites purposes of these lights and Pin Stadiums. Initially, most think that they may be similar based upon marketing observations, but when you receive your machine it will be clear the significant differences. The JJP and Pin Stadium lights are designed specifically for two entirely different environmental applications in the pinball machine. This means when you combine these two together you’ve got an amazing lightshow experience like never seen before. The Pin Stadiums will provide full and even playfield illumination to balance out the bright and shadow sections of the factory lighting. There are some amazing sections of the playfield that will come alive right in front of your eyes once you install them. Then adjust the colors in the Pin Stadium app and bump up the illumination for a super impressive pop in artwork and incredible ball visibility.

Pinball mods can also ensure better visibility for concealed corners and other dimly lit areas of your playing field so you can easily track the ball and easily determine where it is headed. Of course, there are other benefits such as more emphasis on the artwork for a more enjoyable playing experience—and potentially higher scores. Your upgraded JJP Guns N’ Roses pinball machine may also increase in value down the line because it has better lighting, features, and aesthetics. These improvements should easily entice an interested buyer should you plan to sell your pinball machine in the future.

Ways you can upgrade your machine

Upgrade Your JJP Guns N Roses Pinball Machine

There are many ways you can upgrade your JJP Guns N’ Roses pinball machine. Here are five ideas to inspire you:

  1. LED upgrades – Pinball LED kits provide a complete set of replacement lights to the standard LED lighting that came with your machine. The purpose is to enhance the lighting, which can improve the play experience and let you see much clearly when tracking the ball’s movement.
  2. Customize to your liking – Perhaps you would like to add more custom LED lights that can sync to the beat of your favorite Guns N’ Roses songs? The right pinball mods can help you achieve that. They might even make you feel like you are attending your dream Guns N’ Roses concert.
  3. Apply powder coating – In addition to LED lighted pinball mods, consider applying powder coating to the coin door, lockdown bar, and legs. Those small but significant improvements can help protect those parts from wear and tear.
  4. Give the features some TLC – The artwork, pin blades, and art blades may be added if you don’t have any and over time they will eventually need some cleaning if they start looking a bit drab. It is also very important to update the pinball software to the latest version to enhance your gameplay. Here is a link to the Jersey Jack Pinball support section so that you can download the latest version for your machine: https://www.jerseyjackpinball.com/support/

Where to get Pinball mods

Check out Pin Stadium for pinball LED kits that are ready to install and use any time. Get fully customizable color combinations that you can control from your Android or iPhone device over Wi-Fi. Pin Stadium’s stealth pinball mods will maintain the machine’s original factory look, while improving your gameplay with better artwork and ball visibility, which helps you to progress further in modes and scoring while also eliminating distractions, eye strains, and most importantly glass glare!!

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