Medieval Madness pinball

Ask an avid veteran pinball fan and they are likely to tell you that Medieval Madness is one of the best pinball machines they have ever played. Although the game was released in 1997, newer pinball enthusiasts still have the chance to enjoy and experience it through the Medieval Madness pinball remake by Chicago Gaming. The remanufactured version is faithful to the exact standards of the original machine but boasts enhanced features including a fully adjustable color display, modern electronics, a class D digital audio amplifier, and all-LED lighting. Thanks to this remake, everyone—new and old fans—should be able to enjoy the fun and excitement of the original game.

If you have played the original Medieval Madness in the 90s, the remanufactured pinball machine by Chicago Gaming may be your ticket to enjoy it once more. Now is your chance to get your own machine and have the freedom to modify it to your liking with pinball mods such as Neo Fusion, a multi-colored/RGB (Hyperbeam Plus+ technology) and full spectrum white GI lighting kit with the Wi-Fi controllable Orion’s Belt flasher system and BLUR color Photon Merger diffuser. It is one of the must-have pinball LED kits that will transform your game into an extraordinary and exhilarating experience. In addition to the 4 Wifi controllable flashers that allow you to adjust them to any color or brightness level with the Pin Stadium app, the UV+Glow feature included on these will provide a dazzling effect on Medieval Madness. Hyperbeams are also built into this system and they are very high quality and precision super powered RGB LED lights.

Medieval madness pinball remake

What’s in the remake?

Medieval Madness pinball remake was made by Chicago Gaming Company for Planetary Pinball Supply, Inc., with some help originally from the factory of Stern Pinball, Inc. to assemble the cabinet assemblies and playfield. Original-specification Williams Medieval Madness parts were used in addition to the newly designed electronics and lighting systems with CGC parts.

Its all-LED lighting system is among the key features of the remanufactured Medieval Madness pinball. The system hardware and the software slowly increase and decrease the LED brightness in a way that is similar to that of the original incandescent lighting. The lifespan of each individual LED is rated by the manufacturer as 50,000 hours in full brightness. Three LEDs serve as the backlight of every playfield insert and brightens only to one-third of the specified maximum brightness. If any of the lights in an insert cluster fails, the system hardware should automatically increase the brightness of the rest of the LEDs to compensate for the problem.

Improve your gameplay with Neo Fusion

Medieval Madness pinball

Neo Fusion is the flagship product of Pin Stadium and it is controllable with the manufacturer’s free Android or iOS app. It syncs automatically with GI/Modes. Simply indicate you have the Medieval Madness pinball remake so they can provide you with everything you need when you order the LED lighting kit. If it is not on the list, enter it anyway as these pinball mods work on any machine. Should you require any assistance, Pin Stadium provides round-the-clock customer service even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whether this is your first time enjoying Medieval Madness or you have been a fan for so long, you will definitely appreciate the universally appealing gameplay of the game. Pinball LED kits like Neo Fusion brings the action to life, including the motorized drawbridge, exploding castle, and pop-up trolls. Your mission remains the same and that is to complete the wizard mode and fight for the kingdom!! Pinball mods for the Medieval Madness pinball remake will allow you to step back in time to the 15th century with realistic visuals for a more compelling and enjoyable way to play.

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