AC/DC Pinball Machines

The AC/DC pinball machine is a must-have for fans of one of the most iconic rock bands. If you have recently purchased it and want to make it look and feel like the true concert experience it deserves, it is definitely a good idea to invest in high-quality AC DC pinball mods like Neo Fusion.

AC DC Pinball Mods

Pinball mods refer to any change or additional feature you make to your pinball machine. They are not standard on the original AC/DC pinball machine, but they can make the gameplay more engaging, exciting, and fun.

Why do you need Neo Fusion?

When it comes to pinball LED kits, Neo Fusion is one of the best choices you can find in the market. It is a multi-colored or RGB, full-spectrum white GI lighting kit with a Wi-Fi controllable Orion’s Belt flasher system and Blur color Photon Merger diffuser. It’s a great pinball mod for your AC/DC pinball machine because it makes the factory lighting appear smoother.

With Neo Fusion, the playfield is provided with full pinball playfield illumination so you can see clearly, track the ball, and make key precision shots like never before possible.  They are also amazing for providing excellent lighting when you are streaming your pinball machine.

Upgrade your pinball machine with mods

AC/DC Pinball Mods

Pinball LED kits can provide the improvements your AC/DC pinball machine deserves, especially if you are not satisfied with the factory lighting. Neo Fusion will transform your game into an ultimate light show experience while maintaining stealth factory aesthetics.

Pin Stadium’s flagship pinball mods are powered by a Neo Plasma power supply and they also come with UV+Glow Flasher and Invisi-Shield 2.0. When working with the Hyperbeam+ technology, BLUR Photon Merger, Orion’s Belt, and Full Spectrum White GI lighting, the effects are sure to make the gameplay more exciting and immersive, perhaps even making you feel like you are in an actual AC/DC concert 😉

Control remotely

One of the most remarkable features of Neo Fusion AC DC pinball mods is the Wi-Fi chip technology that lets you access the menu views and access cutting-edge settings in the app by Pin Stadium. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and gives you full control over the look and feel of the LED lighting. Set it in your preferred mode such as Warm White, Cool White, Natural White, Diamond White, or Sunlight, and adjust each setting in any brightness and color level of your choice in one tap of your finger.

The color wheel offers more than 16,000,000 colors, but if that is too overwhelming, feel free to browse the popular presets and you will be good to go. Neo Fusion will also automatically sync with the factory light show!!

Easy to install

It does not take a professional to install the pinball LED kits. Neo Fusion is fully loaded and complete with a simple plug-and-play installation link along with a very helpful/easy-to-understand install video. You should be able to complete the installation in 10 to 15 minutes without any special tools. If you have another pinball machine besides AC/DC, you can also transfer the lights to it. Better yet, you might want to get that other machine its own set of Pin Stadium’s pinball mods too, so you can enjoy playing it as much as your AC/DC pinball.

Sometimes, all it takes is a good set of pinball LED kits to make subtle but remarkable upgrades to the look, play, and feel of your machine without looking obvious. Just be sure they are Neo Fusion pinball mods, so can be truly happy and impressed with the results.  It’s hard to go back after seeing these on any pinball machine.

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